Bud Light’s New Plan to Win Back Conservatives

Anheuser-Busch, desperately struggling to recover its reputation and save its top-selling beer brand, has a new marketing plan to win back consumers who were repelled by its campaign with controversial transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Last week, the company reportedly held a meeting at its headquarters in St. Louis with executives from distributors to discuss a strategy for dealing with the marketing campaign’s backlash.

One of those distributors, speaking anonymously, told the New York Post that the brand will produce Bud Light and Budweiser bottles featuring camouflage patterns and images honoring fallen veterans.

The images will reportedly come from the “Folds of Honor” program, a non-profit that provides scholarships to the children and spouses of fallen and disabled veterans and first responders.

The temporary redesign will only effect aluminum bottles, according to the executive.

Bud Light sales are down 23.4% compared to this time last year.

Controversy Explained

While there has been much focus on Bud Light’s partnership with Mulvaney (a biological male) for his transgender identity, few outlets have gone into why Mulvaney is such a controversial presence.

Bud Light sent Mulvaney a customized can directly referencing his “days of girlhood” video series, where he documented his transition day by day.

In the videos, Mulvaney often attempts to explain what it means to be a girl while offering a demeaning caricature of womanhood, often relying on negative tropes and stereotypes.

In videos that often seem like a parody, Mulvaney plays the “ditzy idiot girl” stereotype and declares himself brave for facing critics.

The marketing executive who oversaw the partnership with Mulvaney, Alissa Heinerscheid, has taken a leave of absence and appears to have been replaced. The company also said it made changes to how its senior marketers are connected to brand activities and are monitored by the chief marketing executive above them.


  1. Companies may be starting to realize that no matter how much the msm says the majority of Americans are in favor of all this woke and trans business, they really aren’t. People are tired of having all this woke, trans, gay, and black stuff shoved down their throats, and are going to show it, both in the stores, then at the ballot box. Regardless of their make up, normal people have had enough of 13% of the population deciding how things will be for the other 87%. It’s way past time for the majority to take back our country.

  2. Until they quit their eye wash campaigns , admit they were wrong ,quit their social engineering and return to their lane……….keep the boycott going.

    • Nope, “quit[ing] their eye wash campaigns, admit[ting] they were wrong, quit[ting] their social engineering and return to their lane” is not enough. Anheuser Busch can take their insipid products to hell with them. IN MORE CLEAR TERMS, THERE IS NOTHING ANHEUSER BUSCH OR THE BRANDS THAT IT OWNS–AND WE KNOW WHICH THOSE BRANDS ARE–CAN DO TO REDEEM ITS PRODUCTS, INSIPID AS THEY ARE.

  3. My husband refuses to drink Bud Light ever again no matter how they try to play it off. If true, and higher executives had no clue, shame on them.

    • Our congratulations to you for marrying such a decent person. But we ask why he ever drank that insipid stuff ever. Suggest to him a great IPA and let us know the results.

  4. I am not aware that being a transgender person would affect the taste or flavor of a product.

    Me? My drink of preference is Crystal Lite, Raspberry/Green Tea. I am pretty sure that if C.L. were to start using a Transgender person in their advertising, that the flavor I like so much, would not be altered, so I would still continue to enjoy my liquid of choice. I sure will not stop drinking it because of something as stupid and pointless as sexual preference, is made a newsworthy (sic) topic.

    • How did Uncle Ben on a box of rice affect the flavor? His relatives begged the company to leave his picture on the box of rice he created.

    • I was a 40 year Bud Light drinker. I recently tried a Coors Light and liked well enough to continue. I am assuming Coors has not done anything as stupid as Busch. Maybe they might try adding a train car filled with Clydesdales on a Coors Bullet train pulling out of the brewery in St. Louis to their marketing program. Color me gone. A simple rule in marketing is to identify your market and structure advertising that appeals to that potential market. How silly of a brewer that has marketed to a specific type of beer drinker to have such a lack of collegiality. FYI: Kraft Heinz owns Crystal Lite and have a woke agenda that might be more to your liking.

    • They let this idea to appeal only to the extreme left cross-dressers at the expense of their core market share

  5. Bud Light embraced a person that wants to “normalize the bulge” (when a transitioning man chooses not to undergo bottom surgery), but that isn’t really the issue. The real issue was the video of the Bud Light Marketing Exec that came out, declared the brand (Bud Light, the best selling beer in America) as “Fratty” and in an effort to bossy/retain sales decided to try and re-market the brand as more inclusive, forgoing the Frat Boy image. In other words, she insulted her customer base and embraced the bulge.

    To be honest, I always viewed Bud Light as the beer for people that don’t like beer. It’s the least objectionable beer, because it really has no beer taste. Their market share was based on their Fratty humor in marketing, and when they insulted the base, they found they had very low brand loyalty.

  6. Another idiot that doesn’t get it…..American men are tired of this purversio and won’t financially support it

  7. I think that it serves Budweiser for doing such a stupid thing like trying to pull the wool over eyes with THAT MAN!! He has dangley parts therefore he is MALE. I have asked relatives to boycott Bud Light and happily they have!

  8. I am not alone in the stupid department, Millions of us have found other beers and have moved on leaving Bud Light and it’s gender politics behind. Go woke go broke

  9. Bud light, It’s an apology is what the Americans want! You keep going around the Freaking bush on this issue. Apologize!


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