Joshua Kelley aka Harpy Daniels, a Navy Digital Ambassador
via @harpy_daniels on Instagram

Navy Self-Implodes With Inconceivable Recruitment Ambassador

The US Navy made a stunningly tone-deaf decision to attract new recruits after a report determined it is not expected to meet recruiting goals this year.

In an attempt to reach recruits from demographics outside its norms, the military branch launched its Navy Digital Ambassadors pilot program.

It was “designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates” as recruitment has significantly fallen off with younger generations, according to a Navy spokesperson.

The first of five digital spokespersons was Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who identifies as non-binary and performs as a drag queen.

Kelley, who goes by the stage name Harpy Daniels, shared posts to TikTok and Instagram about his service and how he started performing onboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

“From joining to 2016 and being able to share my drag experience on my off time with my fellow sailors has been a blessing,” Kelley wrote on Instagram. “This experience has brought me so much strength, courage and ambition to continue being an advocate and representation of queer sailors!”

In a post spattered with emojis throughout, he finished, “Thank you to the Navy for giving me this opportunity! I don’t speak for the Navy but simply sharing my experience in the Navy! Hooyah, and let’s go Slay!”

Program Revealed Amid Bud Light Controversy

The program, which recently came to light after running from October to March of this year, was met with immediate backlash.

Some compared it to Bud Light’s disastrous partnership with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which led to a successful boycott that significantly damaged the company’s sales and led to corporate level ousters of those responsible for the partnership.

Former Navy SEAL Robert J. O’Neill, who was part of the team that killed Osama bin Laden, tweeted: “Alright, the U.S. Navy is now using an enlisted sailor Drag Queen as a recruiter. Im done. China is going to destroy us. YOU GOT THIS NAVY. I cant believe I fought for this bullshit.”


  1. As if our country was not enough of a joke considering the dementia ridden nitwit in the WH now this ? Whoever approved this should be fired / discharged. We are talking our national defense not some ridiculous social BS.

  2. I served as an aviator from SEA through Desert Storm; then taught student pilots for 18 years.
    I am disturbed and disgusted by the “Woke” military we have now that is not ready to protect our nation.
    A Russian saying, “Fish rot from the head” describes what is happening to our nation, and specifically to our military.
    I am seeing my life’s work being destroyed by “woke” Commanders up the chain.
    Don’t plan on winning the next war. Well, Afghanistan didn’t go so well either.

  3. You got to be shitting Me! Is the whole Democratic party completely nuts? Is Mark Miley and the joint chiefs that fucking ignorant? (Yes they are). I’m embarassed to be a US Veteran.
    When does this utter nonsense end?

  4. That’s natural consequence of all smart folks going to private business, while remaining dimwits running the government.

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