After Bud Light, Can Conservatives Bring Down Target?

Following a successful boycott of Bud Light after its controversial trans partnership, conservative influencers are turning to Target’s new “LGBT Pride” collection, including trans-friendly items for children.

Megaretailer Target unveiled its new collection of “LGBT Pride” themed items, ranging from clothing to home décor to pet accessories.

It features hundreds of items, including t-shirts with slogans such as “Girls Gays Theys”, “Not a Phase”, and a sub-collection featuring the images and names of popular drag queens.

Not even pets are safe, as the collection features rainbow leashes, accessories, and toys, such as a plushie mix tape chew toy reading “GENDER MIX”.

However, what has attracted the most ire is the part of the collection aimed at children specifically.

Not only are there t-shirts for small children, but even onesies, bibs, and shoes featuring LGBT messaging in both English and Spanish.

Some items, such as bathing suits, initially drew attention for their in-store tags advertising “tuck-friendly construction” and “extra crotch coverage”.

Target Pride Swimsuit Tag
via randalwhitejr / tiktok

While those tags are on swimsuits in the adult section, online items feature similar wording on children’s clothing.

For example, the Kids’ Swim Skirt details note the item has been “Thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions.”

Adult item descriptions include a blurb noting, “All items were designed for all bodies, regardless of gender identity and presentation. We added design features to help make the fit customizable for you.”

Conservative Media Calls for Boycott

Twitter account “Gays Against Groomers” posted video and pictures of the collection in a Target store.

“This is what you will find in the kid’s section of @Target. We urge you to take your business elsewhere. They are indoctrinating and grooming them with LGBTQ ideology. It is highly inappropriate and disturbing,” it wrote it the post.

“The only thing these people understand is money. Target deserves the Bud Light treatment. We will work to put the pressure on them.”

“What @Target is doing is far worse than anything Bud Light did,” The Daily Wire commentator Matt Walsh said.

Target has been pushing the LGBT agenda far longer than Bud Light, so it remains to be seen if boycotts and pressure campaigns will be effective.


  1. I stopped ever going to Target when they banned the Salvation Army Bell Ringers from their stores!

    • I admire the work of the Salvation Army because earlier living north I remembered how they helped a neighboring family that became homeless and how they had a feeding program for kids who parents worked and/or were dealing with difficult times. They even had a free day care center for families in need. Don’t know if that still exists but I received yearly donation letters from them during the holidays and I always to send something as I’m found them and find them very honorable and especially credible in how they use their donations. I still shop a Target but I have noticed that they never seem to have anyone doing charity drives at their stores. Don’t know if they have a reasonable corporate charitable program of if they refrain from donating based on religious affiliation? Management, in its drive for an ever-growing profitable operating margin, may lose sight of those most in need.

  2. Any time a company goes WOKE I boycott that company you go Woke you might as well go broke 😭, don’t need you.

  3. Haven’t been to Target since they stopped protecting women in the dressing rooms; am not surprised that they disrespect veterans given their woke lack of ethics; so that’s just one more reason to stay away.

    • I went to check on this yesterday but all I could find was the sign saying they carry the rainbow clothing line. That was enough to answer my question but I could not find any of those type of swimsuits. Maybe we are to conservative and the store knows better.

  4. Haven’t shopped at Target in years. Not since the combined boys and girls clothing and dressing rooms. I would occasionally go in out of desperation looking for something, but ended up just walking out. After this I won’t even go in the door.

  5. With all the targeting and boycotting of merchants legally selling items appealing to gays, who’s next?
    Of course I don’t mean selling a gun to an unlicensed individual or illegal pornography and related materials to underaged children.
    What next? Will we be targeting Catholics merchants over their anti-birth control stance regarding condom sales and then possible the Amish, Quakers, Hutterite, Molokans, Doukhobors, Seventh-day Adventist, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mennonites as conscientious objectors who may refuse to sell toy soldiers. What about those religious organizations who are against alcohol consumption? Will we enable intolerance because of their beliefs and boycott those selling alcohol-based products? If we disagree with the display and sale of menorahs will we target Jewish merchants and thereafter Islamic merchants for refusing to sell pork and/or Christians for selling books condemning all sinners to hell thereby enabling intolerance and possibly hate?

    As noted in various documents, our USA Constitution guarantees and assures us of “Freedom of Religion” but it likewise protects and guarantees us rights and security under the umbrella of “Freedom from Religious Persecution.”
    It appears all of this becomes a problem of interpretation of our protections under the laws of the land, religious or otherwise.
    We should tread lightly and cautiously and remember that gays deserve to be treated equally and fairly in our country just as all other minority and/or majority population are and should be when not in violation of the law.

    • Read the article, the boycott is being sponsored by Gays Against Grooming, It is not about gays. It’s about the children being indoctrinated. Parents should be the ones discussing these choices with their children, not teachers or corporations.

  6. I have also boycotted Target. I will post this on our neighborhood website and app. It is time to stand against this evilness and protect our children and our families!!!

  7. Target is a perfect name for this company since they put a target on their backs when they decided to cater to the 0.01% of the perverts of the country over the normal people. They deserve whatever losses they incur. Neither my family nor I will ever step foot in a Target store again unless they radically change their way of doing business. I realize my small family isn’t going to hurt their bottom line very much but if enough small families also believe in moral values and boycott maybe the stockholders will finally say “enough, we are losing money and that’s not what we want”.

  8. I quit Target a longtime ago when they refused to allow Salvation Army at Christmas to ring bells and collect money for hurting families


  10. Haven’t shopped them in a very long time and will never! Can’t fix stupid! They will go broke!,

  11. Target can kiss my , straight, arse Nothing I need so bad , that I need to go there. I live 5 min away and spend a couple hundred dollars there every couple of weeks. No More. Despicable trash.

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