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Corporate Poll Finds Gen Z Are ‘Most Difficult’ Employees

A survey of manager and business leaders found that just under three-quarters of them consider Gen Z employees to be more difficult to deal with than older staff.

Many studies and surveys have noted that Generation Z, the youngest generation in the American workforce at this time, are not adjusting well to the traditional workplace after completing their education.

One recent survey of those in upper level management positions found that 74% of respondents felt Gen Z is the most challenging generation to work with.

They also didn’t hesitate to explain why.

“They think they’re better than you, smarter than you, more capable than you, and they will tell you to your face,” said Akpan Ukeme, head of human resources at SGK Global Shipping Services.

65% said that they more often have to fire Gen Z employees than employees of other generations.

In fact, 20% of those interviewed say they’ve had to let a Gen Z employee go within a week of their start date.

Managers cited lack of motivation and effort and being “too easily offended” as the top reasons for firing Gen Z employees.

Chief Career Advisor Stacie Haller says the COVID-19 pandemic’s lockdowns and remote education may play a significant role.

“We know that with remote work and education, communication skills do not develop as well and people tend to work more independently. Hiring managers need to be cognizant of this when interviewing GenZers for positions. This generation may need more training when it comes to professional skills,” she said.

A Gallup report titled “Generation Disconnected” resulted in similar findings. It notes that Gen Z is more likely to be disengaged with work and more likely to experience stress and burnout.

A McKinsey & Company study shows Gen Z is more likely to report hostile work environments and both physical and mental health problems. Three-quarters of Gen Z is reportedly seeking other jobs at any given time.


  1. They are mutually-educated intellectuals, and criticizing them is (choose one) racist, homophobic, ageist, undemocratic, fascist, and the list goes on.

    • Let’s look at your post and question the assertions:

      “mutually-educated intellectuals” – assumption they are intellectuals, overly
      generous with “intellectual” vs being “educated”

      “racist” – applies to a small group (those falling into the racist category)
      and ALL Gen Z. How does this apply?

      “homophobic” – tough one to rationalize, quite sure most of the Gen Z would
      not be considered in a class related to homophobic discrimination.

      “ageist” – usually associated with older individuals but can be with younger
      people. Not sure how you consider this. Let’s see – “Oh, they are young and
      we are not going to hire them”. Does this seem reasonable in today’s work
      environment where business are looking for GOOD employees.

      “undemocratic” – how? businesses are not government, their purpose is NOT
      social equality

      “fascist” – they are neither an organization run by a dictator or practice violent
      suppression of opposition

      Based on the questioning of the basis for your assertions, one would find it difficult to see how they apply. Yes, they will grab eyeballs of many who read but do not think about what is being said.

      With three quarters of managers finding problems with the Gen Z work force, one would be hard pressed to think such a large percentage are wrong in their evaluation.

      The reasons for the lack of the Gen Z being motivated, having work ethics, and willing to accept criticism have been stated here and are quite appropriate and accurate.

    • Why choose one? They will claim all of the above plus a few more they haven’t got around to making up.

  2. No surprises here !! Over indulged children , pampered , constantly being told they are “special” , never had to work and earn anything , not educated but indoctrinated , all wims being addressed as entitled needs , for the most part no grasp for reality and value , extremely self entitled for everything , very thin skined , etc. Did not have to go to business leaders to learn that ………. They along with their arrogant aloof attitudes are everywhere. All thanks to air head parents who let them get away with it. I hope their rude know it all attitude comes back to haunt you !

  3. Yes, they are as a group poor workers. But the article was way off the mark as to why.

    When I was a youth I had jobs starting at the age of 8. Raising and selling vegetables, mowing lawns, doing yard work, shoveling snow, delivering newspapers, short order cook, and stock boy and grocery bagger we’re some of my jobs growing up. Half my school mates lived on farms and had lots of chores and other work.

    Today, it’s not unusual to be in your mid20s before having your first job of any kind.

    The public schools have failed miserably and for long before COVID. Academically and in preparation to be responsible adults. Kids are uneducated and miseducated. Taught what to think and not how to think. And yes I meant to say public schools. Anyone who works with young people can tell you they can predict whether someone was public schooled versus homeschooled or attended a parochial school with a high degree of accuracy. Their character, work ethic, and work preparedness are markedly different.

  4. Compulsory military service right out of high school. Girls and boys. 2 years service. We’re the only free country of any size that doesn’t require it. That will square away these spoiled brats. Will teach them Love of country, to follow orders, respect the flag.

  5. this is all part of the commie/left agenda. Cripple this country by having these spoiled rotten kids not work and the citizens should support these lice. Their parents r mostly responsible, the takeover of the school system by the commie left, stitches up the seam. This country is not going down w/o a FIGHT. Gen-Z’s, what does that mean? They should live in zoo’s?
    or r they already there? Nice work parents, go and buy them another sports car.

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