Greta Thunberg Found Guilty in Sweden

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was found guilty by a Swedish court after refusing to follow police orders during a protest at an oil facility last month.

Swedish news outlets reported that Thunberg’s charge originated during a June 19th protest when she and a dozen other activists blocked the road to an oil port.

Police ordered them to clear the road, but Thunberg and some of her fellow activists refused.

She appeared at the Malmö District Court where she denied guilt and claimed her protests were a form of self-defense due to the existential threat posted by climate change.

“It’s correct that I was at that place on that day, and it’s correct that I received an order that I didn’t listen to, but I want to deny the crime,” she said.

“We are in an emergency that threatens life, health and property.”

She was ultimately found guilty and ordered to pay over €200 in fines, or roughly $220 dollars.

“We cannot save the world by playing by the rules,” she told reporters after the verdict, declaring she would “definitely not” back down despite the charge.

Just hours later, she and activists from the Reclaim the Future movement headed back to the oil terminal to stage another roadblock.

She was physically carried away from the site by police officers.

A spokesman for Reclaim the Future, Irma Kjellstrom, also spoke to reporters.

“If the court chooses to see our action as a crime it may do so, but we know we have the right to live and the fossil fuels industry stands in the way of that,” she said in a statement to AFP News.

Thunberg gained notoriety as a high school student when she began staging “school strikes” outside of the Swedish Parliament.

She sparked a worldwide school strike for climate change movement in 2018 and was invited to the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, where she delivered her now-infamous “How dare you?” speech.


  1. Another activist trying to demand I live my life as they want me to do by their rules?? They can adapt if they choose to do so, but don’t try to take away my choice in lieu of yours!!!

  2. Overall the real climate scientists stated very little variance in thousands of years. Bible says only he will wrap things up in his timing.
    When I first came across news about Miss Thumberg it was obvious she was brainwashed early in age with climate propaganda.

  3. And the media keeps pushing this little twitt in our faces because ??????? Who really gives a damn about anything she had to say ?

  4. Only 200? Just slap on hand by the lenient court. She and her idiotic companions should cover loses created to the oil company.

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