Obama Spoke of Trump’s Political Strength

Former President Barack Obama reportedly voiced concerns about former President Donald Trump’s political strength compared to current President Joe Biden.

He made the comments to Biden directly during a recent lunch at the White House.

The Washington Post reported that Obama cited Trump’s incredibly loyal base of supporters, the current state of polarized politics, and conservative media’s broad support of him as some of Trump’s most notable political strengths.

Eric Schultz, one of Obama’s senior advisors, refused to comment on the report but said that Obama “looks forward to supporting Democrats up and down the ballot next fall, and no race has bigger stakes than President Biden’s re-election.”

“Our strategy will be based on driving impact,” Schultz said. “We place a huge emphasis on finding creative ways to reach new audiences, especially tools that can be directly tied to voter mobilization or volunteer activations. We are deliberate in picking our moments because our objective is to move the needle.”

The lunch took place in late June, which the White House publicized at the time without detailing what the two discussed.

Obama Continues Advising Biden

Obama is still overwhelmingly popular within the Democrat Party. During the 2022 midterms, he held large rallies for Senate candidates in swing states like Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia.

He continues to meet somewhat regularly with Biden to advise him on his reelection campaign.

Also in June, Obama and Biden recorded a video together to encourage Obama’s supporters to donate to Biden’s campaign. He has also been fundraising for Vice President Kamala Harris.

At the time, Shultz acknowledged that Obama is willing to get involved in the election directly.

“We are deliberate in picking our moments. And that is based on a strategy of when we can drive impact,” he said.

“If you can connect with young people in a way that feels authentic, that’s going to make a real difference.”


  1. Obama getting involved in Democrats’ races should help the Republicans win. Given how bad a President Obama was no one should listen to him. If Trump’s political strength is as great as Obama said he should have defeated Biden by a landslide. Biden won in part due to anti Trump voters voting for him. Biden certainly is not very popular. While Trump has his loyalists there are just as many people that hate him.


      You ‘MINIONS OF SATAN’ are losing it and you’re TERRIFIED of PRESIDENT TRUMP…..
      YOU ALL have sold your souls to SATAN OBAMA…….


  2. I share Stephen’s concern. Trump’s supporters are hardcore, and will wait for three days in the rain to see him. But I talk to nearly as many people who would cast their vote for the Marquis De Sade before Trump. This happens when the Fourth Estate becomes the Fourth Branch of Government. After years of personal destruction via the press, Trump is damaged goods. The irony is, Trump’s damaged goods encompass the best solutions for our country.

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