Newsom Barrels Through – Then Embraces – Young Child

A brief video clip is making waves as it captures an unexpected moment during California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent visit to China.

The video, shared by RNC Research, a branch of the Republican National Committee, showcases Governor Newsom participating in a pickup basketball game. While displaying his basketball skills, Newsom makes a move towards the basket, forcefully colliding with a Chinese child who was attempting to defend him.

Newsom and the young boy can be seen tumbling to the ground, with the governor wrapping him in a bear hug and patting his back as they get up.

While the incident might appear to be a harmless accident, it has stirred up a significant amount of controversy and discussion over Newsom’s true intention for the trip. His political ambitions have been a topic of discussion among political pundits, party insiders, and the general public.

Newsom is associated with progressive policies, including support for universal healthcare, climate change initiatives, and immigration reform. Many commentators believe his more progressive policies could attract young voters to the polls.

A spokesperson from Governor Newsom’s office explained to Fox News Digital that the incident occurred during the governor’s visit to Yuying School, a public school in Beijing. The purpose of this visit was to gain insights into farm-to-school programs and agricultural science initiatives in China.

During Newsom’s week-long trip to China he also had a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in Beijing. Earlier in the week, he said the trip was meant to focus on “turning the page, of renewing our friendship and reengaging (on) foundational and fundamental issues that will determine our collective faith in the future.”

Their discussions reportedly included critical topics like the international fentanyl crisis and the need for efforts to “accelerate our progress on climate in meaningful and substantive ways”.

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  1. More likely he is probably in China to see if he could make the same money and voting deal as the Bidens did.

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