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Hazmat Team Called To Donald Jr.’s Home

On Monday, Donald Trump, Jr. received a threat that scrambled local authorities to his home after an alarming letter, accompanied by white powder, prompted an emergency hazmat response. Fortunately, the substance was determined to be non-lethal. Nonetheless, the incident has raised apprehensions regarding the safety of the Trump family.

“It’s just become a little bit too commonplace that this sort of stuff happens,” Donald Trump Jr. told The Daily Caller. “Clearly, if this happened to a prominent Democrat it wouldn’t be tolerated and would drive news coverage for weeks. The media would blame all Republicans and force them to answer for it, But since it’s me, radical haters on the left will largely get a free pass and the media will barely flinch.”

“It doesn’t matter what your politics are, this type of crap is unacceptable,” Donald Trump Jr. continued. “This is actually the second white powder substance envelope that’s been mailed to me. The last time we had this happen, it was during my father’s presidency and my then-wife opened it up with my kids by her side. So, it’s just sad that we live in a society where politics and the left’s hatred of my father would drive people to do such crazy things, but that’s where we are unfortunately. ”

This is not the first time that Don Jr.’s family has been targeted. In 2018, his then-wife Vanessa opened an envelope addressed to him and was rushed to the hospital as a precaution after a substance was found inside. 

A man from Massachusetts was eventually arrested and sentenced to five years of probation in connection to sending the letter to various members of the Trump family. 

In March 2016, police detectives and FBI agents conducted an investigation into a threatening letter sent to Eric Trump’s Manhattan apartment. The letter also contained a white powder, which was later confirmed to be nondangerous. 

Two other letters containing a foreign substance were mailed to Trump Tower during Donald Trump’s first run for the White House.

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