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Republican Leader In Utah Accidentally Praises Communism

With allies like these, who needs enemies? Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson of Utah has come under fire for a Friday post on Twitter that commemorated International Women’s Day by showcasing a historical Russian protest that helped spur the Russian Revolution.

It didn’t occur to Henderson that celebrating communism might be a bad idea. 

The Washington Examiner described the Republican’s big mistake. 

Henderson posted a photo of a group of women from March 8, 1917, holding up Russian signs and banners in protest. The protest would lead to further demonstrations that ultimately resulted in a Civil War between the protesters, which would come to be commanded by the socialist Bolsheviks, and the Russian government.

“On this day in 1917, tens of thousands of Russian women gathered in Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) to protest terrible working conditions and the high price of bread,” Henderson captioned the photo. “A few days later, Tsar Nicholas II abdicated his throne and Russia was in full Revolution.”

Henderson did not mention that after Nicholas abdicated the throne to his brother Michael, who refused the title, Nicholas, along with his wife and five children, would be assassinated in their home after fleeing St. Petersburg. Millions more would die in the resulting conflict, which many X users pointed out in the comments of Henderson’s post.

The Utah governor’s office did not return the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

Henderson’s message received massive push back from conservatives online.

James Lindsay, a frequent critic of Utah moderates couldn’t help himself.



Others simply just asked for Utah to do better. 

Henderson’s official account did a more basic message to celebrate women.

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  1. Just because she says gop behind d her name doesn’t mean she isn’t a communist demorat at heart, like several other gopers.

  2. This is idiocy (condemning this woman) comparable to WOKE at its worse. First: The Women’s March has not been connected to the Bolsheviks. The Czar’s abdication in March, 1917 had MANY reasons and was followed in May NOT by the Bolshevik (Communist) revolution but by the FIRST revolution that set up or tried to set up a Western-style democracy and did NOT include the Bolsheviks and opposed them. The Bolshevik Revolution (that led to the killing of the Czar and his family) was the overthrow, not of the Czar, but of the Sperensky government (the democracy that was ANTI-Bolshevik). That second revolution, involving Lenin and Trotsky and other notorious Communists) occurred in OCTOBER, 1917, some 7 months after the women’s march and many other marches and protests of many other groups, some involving Bolsheviks, many NOT. What brought down the Sperensky government had more to do with bloody losses in the war with Germany (World War One was going on). Sperensky tried to honor Russia’s treaties with his fellow allies against Germany, but the Russian forces were dying, deserting (about 2,000,000 desertions) etc. Chaos from which the Bolsheviks benefited–and they promised to end Russia’s being in the war (which they did, by the way). Connecting it to some women having the guts to march against huge government abuses (under the Czars) is a horrendous stretch–like blaming the Founding Fathers (because some of them owned slaves) for the Civil War, or calling the Constitution invalid because some of the signers owned slaves. C’mon, quit altering history and omitting context, or I’ll have no reason left to choose Conservative candidates.

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