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Wolf Blitzer Gets Corrected Live On TV

During an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where a 25-year-old woman was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant, former President Donald Trump took Biden’s failure to secure the border head-on. 

The Associated Press wrote that “the Republican presidential candidate, appearing with several law enforcement officers, described in detail several criminal cases involving suspects in the country illegally and warned that violence and chaos would consume America if he did not win the Nov. 5 election.

In stump speeches, Trump frequently claims that immigrants crossing the border with Mexico illegally have escaped from prisons and asylums in their home countries and are fueling violent crime in the United States.”

One story he often mentions is the murder of Laken Riley, who was killed in Georgia while on the run near the University of Georgia, calling the murderer an “animal.” 

That comment alone has become enough for liberals in the media, along with their Democratic allies, to twist facts and take comments out of context in a desperate attempt to help Biden. But earlier in the week, when Wolf Blitzer tried to join the chorus, he got called out, writes The Daily Caller.

Trump called the alleged killer of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley an “animal” during a campaign appearance in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Tuesday. Blitzer, echoing a Biden campaign X post, claimed Trump referred to immigrants as “animals” during a segment of “CNN Newsroom with Wolf Blitzer,” before Republican strategist Scott Jennings corrected him on air.

“I listened to the entire tape,” Jennings told Blitzer. “He was specifically talking about the person who murdered Laken Riley in Georgia, and to be honest with you, Wolf, if somebody murders another human being, I think they deserve to be called animals, and I don‘t think any American is really going to reject that kind of rhetoric.”

“That poor girl was murdered in cold blood,” Jennings added.

“The 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia who was barbarously murdered by an illegal alien animal. The Democrats say ‘please don’t call them animals. They’re humans.’ I said no, they’re not humans. They’re animals,” Trump said during the Tuesday campaign appearance.

The Daily Caller also noted that the Biden campaign also pushed the lie being told by Blitzer. On Twitter, the president released video of Trump speaking at the event in Michigan but purposely edited the video to make it appear as if his challenger was speaking about all immigrants, not just the murder suspect. 

While Trump gets hit for calling brutal murderers “animals,” last month Biden made a groveling apology after calling the man who killed Laken Riley “an illegal” during his State of the Union. 

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  1. Wolf (RightNow) Blitzer, the most incompetent news person alive! Everytime he speaks, he says “right now!” It’s his crutch. It’s a sign of a third-rate broadcaster!
    Everything is Right Now!

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