Mexican immigrants in a line

Group of Illegal Immigrants Escape From Moving Border Patrol Bus

Over a dozen illegal immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua broke out of the bus and are still on the run in El Paso, Texas.

A spokesperson for the Border Patrol told the Daily Caller the group of 18 illegal immigrants were being expelled from the country under Title-42, a Trump-era order that the Biden administration is preparing to end.

Durango Ayala, the spokesperson, said the group escaped by kicking open the emergency exit hatch on the bus.

Two Border Patrol agents confirmed the report to the Daily Caller on the condition of anonymity.

“As the bus was moving, the migrants opened the top emergency exit hatch and jumped out onto nearby public streets in downtown El Paso, TX. Immediately thereafter, the Border Patrol Agent driving the bus, pulled over on a nearby street to prevent more migrants from jumping out.”

“This group of migrants were not seeking asylum and were previously encountered in Santa Teresa, NM and El Paso, as they attempted to evaded arrest,” they said. “U.S. Border Patrol in the El Paso Sector entered an alert for their arrest after escaping from federal custody.”

Ayala said it was against policy for just one agent, in this case the driver, to accompany the group.

Anonymous agents working in the El Paso sector complained about being spread too thin.

“Overcrowded detention facilities and limited transportation is a daily occurrence,” one said.

“Damaging facilities, creating unrest and escaping while in custody are just a glimpse of what this president has allowed into our communities.”

As the border crisis continues to spiral out of control, the Biden administration is even considering reintroducing policies it formerly derided as inhumane.

Border Patrol recorded over 2.3 million immigrant encounters in fiscal year 2022. It already recorded another million between October 2022 and February 2023, as it shapes up to be another record breaking year.

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