Kevin McCarthy Raises Record-Breaking War Chest

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy broke his personal fundraising record in the first quarter of 2023 as he builds a massive fund intended to expand the Republican majority in next year’s elections.

McCarthy brought in $35 million according to fundraising figures seen by Fox News.

That smashes his previous record of $31.5 million in one quarter and is also the most money any House Republican has made over a three-month period.

McCarthy is notably one of the more successful fundraisers in DC. Last election cycle, he raised $150 million to help Republicans take back the House.

With the party clinging to a slim 222-213 majority, McCarthy is focusing his efforts on expanding that lead.

“When we won back the House we promised to follow through on our Commitment to America and get our nation back on track. We have kept our word. Our conference is united and changing Congress for the better,” McCarthy said in a statement.

“Our work represents a new direction and better approach, and the American people are taking notice. I want to thank our supporters for their historic generosity as we begin our mission to expand the House Republican majority in 2024,” he added.

McCarthy’s team emphasized an increase in grassroots support as well, with about $3 million coming from almost 150,000 small dollar donors online.

His aides also highlighted McCarthy’s use of his funds. $4 million was distributed to House Republicans facing tough challengers in 2024. A further $5 million was transferred to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the House GOP’s campaign arm.

Despite his willingness to support members of his party, McCarthy faced a historical 15-ballot speakership election when two warring factions of Republicans refused to come together.

It took five days for the party to finally elect McCarthy to the leadership position.

But just after Republicans settled the matter, McCarthy hauled in $12.3 million at his first major fundraising event in early February.

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