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Embarrassing Pronoun Pamphlet Distributed at Firm Fighting Harassment Lawsuits

Pamphlets coaching employees on gender pronouns are being spread throughout Goldman Sachs – and some bankers are astounded by the hypocrisy.

Goldman Sachs faces accusations from thousands of women about rampant sexism at the firm which it has worked intensely to keep quiet.

On June 5th, it will go on trial in the Southern District of New York brought by 1,400 women who allege discrimination when it comes to promotions and pay.

But in an attempt to portray itself as progressive – or woke – the firm has embraced informational pamphlets with guides on gender neutral pronoun usage.

The pamphlet introduces typical pronouns like “she/her/hers/herself” and “he/him/his/himself” but mixes in the gender-neutral “they/them/their/themself” and set of gender neutral pronouns that have gained popularity in recent years: “ze/zir (zem) / zirs (zes) / zirself (zemself).”

For confused employees, the pamphlet provides examples: “Ze went to the store. I spoke with zir / zem. The apple was zirs / zes.”

“Proactively share your pronouns to foster a sense of respect and awareness (e.g., “Hi, I’m Karen! My pronouns are she/hers. Welcome to the team!”),” the pamphlet guides employees.

“Replace gendered language with gender-inclusive language wherever possible in every day conversation (e.g., “Hi All,” v. “Hi guys.”).

The pamphlet also encourages employees to “practice using gender-neutral pronouns on your own time. Feeling comfortable with these terms does not happen immediately and can require concerted effort.”

Although the pamphlets have been circulated since 2019, they’ve drawn renewed scrutiny in light of current political events.

“I think Goldman has a lot of other problems to worry about besides pronouns,” one source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The New York Post.

“Perhaps start by getting rid of … those who harass women and then maybe the women here will take their diversity and inclusivity issues seriously.”

A Goldman Sachs rep lauded the company’s inclusiveness and also refuted its reportedly bad rapport with women.

“Goldman Sachs has a long and strong record of promoting and advancing women at all levels.”


  1. This is what is wrong with management today. They think that catering to a small minority of woke deviants will improve their bottom line. The majority of Americans say, “No!”. Stop this craziness and take a lesson from Anheuser-Bush!

  2. This is totally idiotic and will eventually cause effective communication to cease. Read the bible story about the Tower of Babel. We are fast becoming that—technically, mathematically and scientifically proficient, but soon to be rendered dysfunctional because we literally won’t be able to speak or write to each other.

  3. Remind me again, who is hiding sexual-harassment nondisclosure agreements in their human resources offices🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷‍♀️Oh yeah, government agencies and corporate America. All while virtue signaling to the most broken, lazy and irresponsible amongst us. No one is looking for morality lessons from local, state or federal government, corporate America., banking, academia… it is literally the most greedy and corrupt amongst us, who are getting away with using virtue signal’s, as a substitute for actual virtue, while demonizing middle America. they demonize people who…go to work, feed our families,, support and love our communities, pay our crazy high taxes…all without a single smoke signal, advising the world how fabulous we are. Children of God do not need to telegraph good deeds. Our light shines without a PR team or red carpet, because good deeds require neither. In fact, if you are looking for an audience to clap for your virtues signals, you probably have many skeletons in your closet (HR office, whatever). Any virtue signals coming out of government or corporate America, are nothing but a cloak to cover their dark hearts and deeds.

  4. Arrogant industry doesn’t care about the majority. They intend to force educate “We the people” into submission ….or face criminal means by which they intend to force compliance ie: extortion, false pretenses, and fraud all crimes the FBI and DOJ will not prosecute when used for leftist political purposes.

  5. I don’t care about your preferred pronoun. If you are a woman I will say “Good morning, ma’am”. If you are a man I will say “Good morning, sir”. If I don’t know what you are I won’t say anything to you. I refuse to bow to the political correct garbage being pushed down everyone’s throats today. I am almost 69 years old and am way to old to pretend a man is a woman or vice versa. If I hurt your little feelings, too bad. You are the one who needs to re-evaluate your thinking, not me.

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