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Biden Orders Troops to Prepare for Deployment

President Joe Biden gave the US military permission to activate up to 3,000 reserve troops to bolster its response to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Biden issued the order on Thursday, authorizing the deployment of additional reservists to back up the tens of thousands that were already sent to Europe last year.

Although Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has not formally announced plans to deploy these troops, it is highly unlikely Biden would have given the order if more troops had not been requested.

The order suggests the US military forces that are already in Europe for training missions and those deployed after Russia’s invasion are stretched thin and in need of backup.

Biden’s move comes immediately after the NATO summit in Lithuania this week, when allies pledged to amass 300,000 troops ready for rapid deployment.

That is a tough ask for the alliance, whose 31 individual members have allowed their military funding to dwindle after decades of relying on US support.

US Carries NATO’s Response in Ukraine

The US deployed 20,000 troops to Europe in the wake of Russia’s initial invasion into Ukraine, which brought the total number of American troops on the continent to over 100,000.

There are also 10,000 troops rotating through Poland at any given time, which has become a significant hub for supplying equipment to Ukraine.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan said the world should show “gratitude” to the US for carrying the weight in Ukraine.

“The United States of America has stepped up to provide an enormous amount of capacity to help ensure that Ukraine’s brave soldiers have the ammunition, the air defense, the infantry fighting vehicles, the mine-clearing equipment and so much else to be able to effectively defend against Russia’s onslaught and to take territory back,” Sullivan said.

“I think the American people do deserve a degree of gratitude — from us, from the United States, from our government — deserve gratitude for their willingness to step up, and from the rest of the world, as well.”


  1. This old fool is hell bent on getting us into World War Three! He must be removed from office before he succeeds.

    • Remember what the old fools did that lead up to WWII. No one would do anything to help the countries that Germany was invading until it was too late and 60,000,000 + died.

    • You really think he’s capable of making such decisions? He can barely speak or walk around, let alone think that far ahead

    • I respect your opinion but based on an article dated 7/13/2023 by America’s News Desk. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has just authorized the call-up of at least 3,000 personnel from the U.S. Armed Forces Reserve and roughly 450 personnel from the Individual-Ready Reserve in order to augment the forces of U.S. European Command in preparation for the upcoming “Operation Atlantic Resolve” exercise in the region. Unless they use them to move ammunition from here to there it looks like he is poised to begin a military confrontation.

  2. Activating Reserves should only be for emergencies, and IMO, to serve in the US is NOT an emergency. The military units that are lean, such that the Pentagon think it needs to activate Reserves, should really require greater effort at enlistment, and enlargement of our standing forces. Disrupting the lives of Reserve people, men and women, generally puts great stress on those families affected. IMO, this supposed need, is truly a shortfall of Pentagon planing and recruitiing.

  3. Ukraine/Russia war is NOT our war.
    we have no business funding it or sending military personnel.
    Does anyone know what they are fighting for?

  4. What’s next? Promote Hunter (Yes that Hunter) to Brig. General and put him in charge of ourtroops in Ukrane. End of joke. End this regime and replace Biden with a real Patriot. Seriously……stop the insanity.

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