Biden Mocks Republican Fundraising

Biden took a victory lap after his campaign released recent fundraising numbers, mocking Republican candidates’ lower numbers.

According to the most recent financial disclosure report, Biden’s campaign raised $72 million, bringing his total cash on hand to nearly $80 million.

Former President Donald Trump, the leading candidate for Republicans thus far, raised just over $35 million in the second quarter. That amount is roughly double what his campaign and super PAC raised during the first quarter.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis raised about $20 million.

Biden-Harris campaign communications director Michael Tyler did not hesitate to point out the difference.

“The numbers are in, and there’s no hiding the stunning and embarrassing lack of enthusiasm for the Republican candidates running for president. President Biden and Vice President Harris significantly out-raised the entire GOP field last quarter, out-raising Donald Trump by more than 2:1 and Ron DeSantis by more than 3:1,” he said in a statement.

“Not only are the Republican candidates raising significantly less money than Team Biden-Harris, they are spending significantly more competing against each other in a bruising primary contest,” Tyler continued.

However, Biden’s numbers include Democratic National Committee backing, which none of the Republicans have.

Neither do the other two long-shot Democrat candidates.

Marianne Williamson raised just under one million dollars during the quarter, while Robert F. Kennedy just over $6 million.

Senate Democrats Also Do Well

Democrats running in competitive races also posted high fundraising numbers for the quarter.

Senators John Tester (D-MT) and Sherrod Brown (D-OH) are the two most likely seats to flip for Republicans in 2024.

However, they both brought in around $5 million dollars each, representing Tester’s best second-quarter ever in a non-election year.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey set a career fundraising high of $4 million, while Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin set a state record with $3.2 million.

Representative Colin Allred, a Democrat from Texas who is running to unseat Senator Ted Cruz, raised over $6 million in just the first two months of his campaign.

While fundraising does not necessarily correlate to enthusiasm, it is something Republicans are concerned about behind the scenes.


  1. Biden is a sick, demented turd of misery. The whole family is. Nearly the entire administration is.

  2. God help these United States of America if the democrats win the presidency and the majority in both the house and the senate

  3. Is this because we, the American people , don’t have Soros and other foreign I hate America countries monies on our agenda?

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