Irony: Biden Presses McConnell About His Health Issues

President Joe Biden said he plans to reach out to “good friend” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell after his second alarming public health scare.

McConnell froze at the podium for the second time in the past few weeks, blankly staring ahead without responding to the question he had just been asked.

In a video posted by MSNBC on X, McConnell is asked for his thoughts on running for reelection in 2026.

He asks the reporter to repeat the question twice before stuttering and freezing in place, staring off into space for roughly thirty seconds as an aide walks over to assist him.

“Alright, I’m sorry you all, we’re gonna need a minute,” the aide said as another stepped up to the senator’s other side.

A spokesman for McConnell later said he “felt momentarily lightheaded and paused during his press conference today” but “feels fine” and will consult a doctor before his next event out of precaution.

Biden Expresses Concern

President Biden, who has struggled with his own health struggles in public, told reporters he would contact McConnell about the incident.

“I just heard, literally, coming out. And Mitch is a friend, as you know, not a joke,” Biden said during remarks about the response to Hurricane Idalia. “We have disagreements politically, but he’s a good friend.”

“So, I’m going to try to get in touch with him later this afternoon. I don’t know enough to know,” Biden added.

The two served in the Senate together for over 20 years before Biden became vice president to then-President Barack Obama.

Doctor Clears McConnell

McConnell’s office released a letter from the attending physician of Congress clearing him to continue his work.

“I have consulted with Leader McConnell and conferred with his neurology team,” Brian P. Monahan, the attending physician, wrote in the statement. “After evaluating yesterday’s incident, I have informed Leader McConnell that he is medically clear to continue with his schedule as planned.”

“Occasional lightheadedness is not uncommon in concussion recovery and can also be expected as a result of dehydration,” he added.

McConnell suffered from a concussion and broken rib after falling during a private dinner in Washington DC.


    • Let’s hope he just steps down from his leadership position, not retire from the senate. We need him to stay around until his term is over, otherwise that left wing democrat Gov in Kentucky will appoint a democrat to replace him, and that would give the dems in the senate a big boost in being able to pass what ever they want.

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