transgender swimmer Meghan Cortez-Fields (left)
via Ramapo College Athletics

Another Women’s Record Falls to Newly Transgender Athlete

Controversy has erupted after a biologically male transgender swimmer at a New Jersey college broke a women’s school record.

Meghan Cortez-Fields set the record and claimed first place in the 100-yard butterfly at a meet in Pennsylvania. Cortez-Fields also won first in the 200-yard individual medley in a previous meet.

The Rampo College senior, a school in New Jersey, is a new addition to the team after competing on the men’s team less than three years ago.

Cortez-Fields, as is nearly always the case with transgender athletes, has seen instant success after competing against women.

Riley Gaines, a former collegiate swimmer who now advocates against biological males competing in women’s sports, said in a post on X that Cortez-Fields has predictably gone from a “less than mediocre male swimmer to a record smasher competing against the women.”

“Those who choose to remain blind to the injustice of allowing mediocre male athletes to become record-breaking female athletes are either incompetent or misogynists. There is no in between anymore,” Gaines later said in comments to Fox News.

“The incident at Ramapo College shouldn’t be a shock to anyone considering we’ve seen virtually the same story time and time again with no people in leadership positions willing to take a stand for women.”

The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) also criticized the record on X, saying Cortez-Fields has “erased a woman’s name from the record books.”

Ramapo College defended Cortez-Fields, saying it had followed NCAA guidelines and provided documentation to allow the swimmer to compete.

However, NCAA regulations do not take into account whether a person has gone through male puberty, which provides distinct competitive advantages against women who have gone through female puberty.

”We are going to continue to post all of our team and individual athlete’s student achievements for all of our athletics programs, as we always do,” a spokeswoman for the college said.


  1. Don’t blame the ‘trannies’. Blame the people that are so liberally blind to anything else but ‘DEI’ for encouraging in installing these inane practices. Common sense tells most people that this is a unfair and ridiculous situation but to satisfy the vocal Left and LGBQT community they allow this transgression. LGBQT are primarily interested in establishing a ‘Free Sex’ base and attacks all normal activities of daily life. Convert the youth is the key to establishing this sexually driven public acceptance of devilish societal intentions, Not so much the Gay community, altho the males especailly are sexually driven, most are moderates and very nice people who ususally stick to their own, it seems. Trannies are accepted altho disdained as a choice of lifestyle nowadays but should not disrupt or be imposed on the straight and normal majority.

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