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Jim Harbaugh Speaks At The March For Life

Fresh off winning a national championship with the University of Michigan, football coach Jim Harbaugh made an appearance at the March for Life, defending the right to be born. 

Harbaugh reported that many of his players support protections for the unborn and explained to The Daily Caller why he marches. 

The outlet writes

Harbaugh, fresh off his first national championship and rumored to be in the mix for an NFL coaching job, attended the 2024 March for Life rally in the nation’s capital, joining tens of thousands of fellow Americans to support the pro-life movement. The DCNF caught up with Harbaugh at the rally as snowflakes fell around the demonstrators amassed at the National Mall.

After congratulating him for his team’s convincing victory in the national championship game earlier in January, the DCNF asked Harbaugh about what the pro-life cause means to him.

“You know, we all talk about human rights. There’s really no rights that are important unless you have the right to life,” Harbaugh told the DCNF. “This is a great day for a march. It’s a great day for the sanctity of life, and football weather. Let’s make it a great day.”

Harbaugh, a Catholic, has long been a staunch supporter of the pro-life cause, sharing his belief “in having the courage to let the unborn be born” at the 2022 Plymouth Right to Life dinner and auction in Plymouth, Michigan.

The coach recently won the biggest game of his career at the University of Michigan, defeating the Washington Huskies on January 8 to win the national championship. 

The University of Michigan is the winningest college football program of all time, boasting 1,004 wins. This season, on route to the championship, they went 15-0. 

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