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The World’s Elite Want To Take Away Coffee For Climate Change

In 2019, movie critic Sonny Bunch received much attention for claiming that “environmentalists make good movie villains because they want to make your real life worse.” 

His article explained why so many characters in blockbusters, most notably Thanos from the Avengers franchise, had become portrayed as environmentalist radicals: “They are perfect villains for our times: well-intended enough to often seem somewhat reasonable, but meddlesome busybodies whose hopes and dreams are to radically reduce standards of living in order to effect some utopian scheme or another that will return the world — or worlds — to an unsullied Eden.”

It seems like the people at the World Economic Forum did not quite get the memo. A video showing elites at the WEF Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, has gone viral after a Swiss banker was shown discussing the ways that coffee production contributes to climate change.

The New York Post explained the outrage.

X users besieged the comment section of a video featuring Swiss banker Hubert Keller telling a WEF panel last week how much CO2 coffee production puts into the atmosphere, warning that “they’re coming for your coffee.”

In the clip — which was shared to X on Monday and has since racked up over three million views and many comments — Keller noted just how many “tonnes” (metric unit equivalent to 2,204 lbs) of CO2 coffee makers put into the atmosphere globally when producing their product.

He said, “Basically, the coffee that we all drink emits between 15 and 20 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of coffee. So we should all know that this is — every time we drink coffee, we are basically putting CO2 into the atmosphere.”

Keller added, “Most of the coffee plantation — most of the coffee’s produced through monoculture, and monoculture is also affected by climate change. The quality of these nature assets is deteriorating quite rapidly.”

Fox News tracked down some of the best responses to Keller’s attack on coffee. “‘Australian politician Malcolm Roberts rebuked Keller and the Davos elites, saying, “Hands off our coffee. The elitists at Davos love to chat about restricting travel while comparing the private jets they flew in on. They push EVs, yet the Davos limos are fuel powered. The forum sessions openly plot to reduce animal farming and fishing, yet they dine on the finest steak and seafood. Where do we draw the line?’

Author and scientist Gad Saad shared a sarcastic response to Keller’s statements, writing, ‘Pets cause damage to the climate; cars do as well; having children is irresponsible because of overpopulation; eating meat is ecoterrorism; gas stoves are evil; and now coffee. I could list many other examples but for now, here is a way that you could help the environment.”

He added, ‘If you don’t have any children, commit to becoming celibate; restrict your diet to tofu; use walking as a green way of transportation; reimagine water as coffee and drink it in the morning; and for God’s sake euthanize those ecoterrorist pets!'”

If you are a coffee drinker, you may sleep better at night knowing that in the United States, Biden and the Democrats have no plans to go after your favorite caffeinated drink. They’re too busy trying to regulate Zyn nicotine pouches while installing speed governors on your cars to mechanically limit how fast you can drive. 

On a happier note, congressional Republicans have proposed a “Defund Davos” bill that would prevent the Biden administration from funding any of its wacky ideas. 

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  1. F*#K them in the biden!! I start my day every day with Race Trac coffee! Fresh ground and the best! Let them drink runny biden schitt!

  2. I would propose that next year Davos attendees, in order to prevent emitting more CO2 to the atmosphere, hold their breaths for 35 minutes and save us all from their bullshit. Give me my coffee!!! Because murder is wrong.

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