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Biden Dog Has Attacked At Least 24 People

You can often tell who a person is by the way their dog acts. For Joe Biden, his dog is entirely out of control to the point of being a danger to people around him. 

Since entering the White House, the president’s pet has attacked two dozen people with little being done to prevent it. 

CNN reviewed 400 pages of documents about the Biden pet and revealed that it has significant problems that probably stem from the president being a horrible owner. 

Commander Biden, President Joe Biden’s family dog, bit US Secret Service personnel in at least 24 incidents at the White House and other locations, according to new internal USSS documents obtained by CNN.

That number does not include additional incidents CNN has previously reported involving executive residence staff and other White House workers. But the new documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, reveal the extent to which the situation had become a serious workplace issue for the hundreds of staff supporting White House operations, and how agency personnel changed their habits to avoid being injured by the German shepherd.

“The recent dog bites have challenged us to adjust our operational tactics when Commander is present – please give lots of room,” an unnamed assistant special agent in charge of USSS’ Presidential Protective Division wrote to their team in a June 2023 email, warning that agents “must be creative to ensure our own personal safety.”

The documented incidents included members of the Secret Service’s uniformed division, members of the president’s protective detail and other USSS officials. They took place inside and outside of the White House residence, but also at Biden family homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, at Camp David, and in Nantucket, Massachusetts, where the first family spends the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Secret Service eventually had to demand that the Biden dog be removed. By September 2023, Fox News reported, “the German shepherd had been removed from the White House campus.

‘The U.S. Secret Service takes the safety and well-being of our employees extremely seriously, and has been navigating how best to operate in an environment that includes family pets for many Presidential administrations,’ Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications for the Secret Service, told Fox News Digital. ‘The incidents involving Commander were treated as workplace injuries, with events documented in accordance with Secret Service and US Department of Homeland Security guidelines.

‘While Secret Service personnel neither handle nor care for the first family’s pets, we work continuously with all applicable entities in order to minimize any adverse impacts from family pets.'”

Before Commander, the Biden family had another dog named Major who was also known for his aggressive behavior. Major reportedly bit Secret Service and White House staff, which led to his removal from the White House. Commander then joined the family as their new pet.

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