Another Union Refuses To Endorse Biden

Joe Biden is facing major headwinds going into 2024. With hundreds of thousands pouring into the country from the southern border, inflation sticking around, and war in the Middle East, the president has a tough hill to climb. 

That doesn’t even account for the fact that people around him walk with him like he’s in a nursing home. 

Now, after a large “uncommitted” movement in the Michigan Democratic primary racked up tens of thousands of votes, other traditional liberal allies have begun shying away from him, starting with unions. 

NBC News writes about the trouble Biden faces with workers.

The Washington chapter of the United Food and Commercial Workers has over 50,000 members, making it the largest chapter of that union in the nation. The deeply Democratic West Coast state holds its primary on March 12.

In a statement shared first with NBC News after its executive board voted on the endorsement Wednesday night, the Washington union called Biden “an ally to workers over the last four years,” but suggested it is not confident in his ability to defeat likely GOP nominee Donald Trump in November.

“Currently, many voters, and UFCW 3000 executive board, feel that the best path to have the best nominee, and to defeat Trump, is to vote ‘uncommitted,’” the union said in the statement. “The hope is that this will strengthen the Democratic party’s ultimate nominee to defeat Trump in the General Election in November.”

“We need a nominee who can run and beat Trump to protect workers across this country and around the world,” the statement continued.

Although the union did say they will support the Democratic nominee come November, the signs that the traditional Democratic voting base has begun to fracture have begun to show. 

New Conservative Post reported, “For the first time in years, the Teamsters gave a maximum donation to the Republican Party just weeks after Donald Trump met with union leaders. 

The old New Deal coalition may be in complete collapse as liberals have replaced working people with wealthy college grads who don’t want to pay their student loans.” 

Biden has consistently been one of the most disliked presidents in history. Gallup noted last week: “Americans’ approval of President Joe Biden’s job performance has edged down three percentage points to 38%, just one point shy of his all-time low and well below the 50% threshold that has typically led to reelection for incumbents.”

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