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America’s Navy Is Falling Behind

Last week, a study revealed that America’s Navy is in trouble. In an irregular move, writes one outlet, the Navy “released a rare public accounting of major delays for key shipbuilding programs, with ships from nine programs running behind, in some cases up to three years.

In total, the Navy forecasts a cumulative delay of more than 11 years, at a time when lawmakers and Pentagon planners agree that the Navy needs to be modernizing and growing for a potential conflict in the Pacific.”

Now those in charge are keeping their heads in the sand rather than talking about the problems that threaten American national security.

The Navy’s top admiral and civilian secretary have still not responded to questions about a damning Navy report released Tuesday outlining the sweeping failure of the Navy and its industrial partners to make expected progress on two submarine programs, an aircraft carrier and a new class of frigates, according to Politico.

“Our nation should be incredibly frustrated to see such systemic delays to our marquee shipbuilding programs,” Rep. Rob Wittman, (R-Va.) said.

The delays, from one to three years each depending on the program, come as the Navy and Pentagon pour billions into modernizing and upgrading shipyards in an attempt to build and repair ships more quickly and keep pace with China. Beijing’s Navy has already surpassed the U.S. in size.

The revelations came in a one-page fact sheet the Navy put together outlining the findings of Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro’s 45-day shipbuilding study which he ordered in January. Neither Del Toro or the service’s top officer, Adm. Lisa Franchetti, released a statement or commented on the report, which shows a total of 11 years worth of delays across the affected programs.

The Defense Post explained that “the Navy’s first Columbia-class submarine, which has been tagged as the future cornerstone of the country’s strategic deterrence, is projected to be delivered 12 to 16 months later than scheduled.

Being built by General Dynamics, the future “USS District of Columbia” was originally expected to be launched by October 2027.

The US Navy’s third Gerald Ford-class aircraft carrier will also be late by up to 26 months despite manufacturer Huntington Ingalls Industries laying its keel in 2022.”

Leaders have blamed multiple sources for the delays, including COVID, supply chain problems, and the lack of experienced workers in America’s shipyards. 

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