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NPR Suspends Whistleblower As New Leftwing CEO Takes Over

American tax dollars are going to a propaganda outfit that supports Democrats and censors any idea that challenges liberal orthodoxy. That outfit is called NPR. At least, that’s what NPR editor, Uri Berliner, wrote in a recent scathing essay where “penned a comprehensive critique of NPR’s handling of significant news events in recent years, including the Hunter Biden laptop saga and the COVID lab leak theory. 

In what almost reads as a confession, he highlighted how Trump’s election 2016 made the outlet go off the deep end, tying itself to figures who made claims they hoped were true, like Adam Schiff, and turning NPR into a leftwing propaganda machine.”  

Rather than welcome a critique from a longtime editor, NPR suspended Berliner. While the new CEO may believe in “multiple truths,” apparently, some “truths” are just more important than others.  

Mr. Berliner was suspended by the network for five days, starting Friday, for violating the network’s policy against doing work outside the organization without first getting permission, writes The New York Times.

Mr. Berliner acknowledged his suspension in an interview with NPR on Monday, providing one of the network’s reporters with a copy of the written rebuke. In presenting the warning, NPR said Mr. Berliner had failed to clear his work for outside outlets, adding that he would be fired if he violated the policy again.

The revelation of Mr. Berliner’s punishment is the latest aftershock to rattle NPR since he published his essay. Employees at the public radio network were taken aback by Mr. Berliner’s public condemnation of the broadcaster, and several have said they no longer trust him because of his remarks. Mr. Berliner told The New York Times last week that he did not reach out to the network before publishing his essay.

After Mr. Berliner’s essay was published, NPR’s new chief executive, Katherine Maher, came under renewed scrutiny as conservative activists resurfaced a series of years-old social media posts criticizing former President Donald J. Trump and embracing progressive causes. One of the activists, Christopher Rufo, has pressured media organizations into covering controversies involving influential figures, such as the plagiarism allegations against Claudine Gay, the former Harvard president.

The new CEO of NPR epitomizes everything that’s wrong with new liberalism. The National Review noted that “Katherine Maher’s tweets from 2020 could have come straight from the mouth of an ardent liberal activist.”

“What is that deranged racist sociopath ranting about today? I truly do not understand,” she wrote in May 2020.

“I mean, sure, looting is counterproductive,” she said in a different during the summer of rage in 2020. “But it’s hard to be mad about protests not prioritizing the private property of a system of oppression founded on treating people’s ancestors as private property.”

Berliner, who has been with NPR for 25 years, blasted the new CEO. “We’re looking for a leader right now who’s going to be unifying and bring more people into the tent and have a broader perspective on, sort of, what America is all about,” Berliner told NPR media reporter David Folkenflik. “And this seems to be the opposite of that.”

This morning, Berliner announced he was resigning from NPR:

Biden recently proposed that NPR get just under $600 million in federal funds.

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