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Democratic Senate Candidate Sees Clothes Stolen

Adam Schiff, Trump’s nemesis and the frontrunner for the Senate race in California finally learned what it’s like to be someone who lives in San Francisco, where crime has skyrocketed over the past two decades. While preparing to speak at a fundraiser, the congressman was forced to speak while wearing “casual clothing” after thieves went after his car. 

The Daily Caller writes that the Democratic frontrunner for Senate had the rare feeling of sharing in what people in the Bay Area experience on a daily basis

Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff’s luggage was stolen Thursday during a visit to San Francisco.

Schiff’s luggage was stolen from his car while it was parked in a downtown garage, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The theft left Schiff without his typical formal attire so he was apparently forced to attend a dinner party with supporters of his Senate campaign wearing a shirt and hiking vest.

“Yes, they took my bags,” Schiff told the outlet. “But I’m here to thank Joe,” he continued, in reference to attorney Joe Cotchett who is supporting Schiff’s bid to replace the late Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Cotchett said that Schiff appeared unphased by the situation, acting like all was fine. Schiff noted that he didn’t wish to dwell on the situation. “Adam really showed himself tonight,” Cotchett told the SF Chronicle. “He’ll be a great senator — he’s going to change the Senate tremendously.”

Democratic government in San Francisco has turned what was a jewel of American cities into a crime-addled place to live. Now even residential areas have become unsafe. 

The New York Post reported in February that “San Francisco’s crime spree has taken a new twist: it has exploded out of its shattered downtown into areas residents thought were still safe — despite its mayor claiming the city is beating the criminals.

Mayor Landon Breed touted declining crime numbers in January, saying in a statement that “our work around public safety is making a difference.”

But police statistics analyzed by The Post show that the city’s previously quieter residential areas are instead being hit hard with burglary — and shopkeepers in those areas told The Post they’re living on edge.

While crime in the notorious Tenderloin district and the surrounding downtown area is down compared with this time last year, burglary is up by 44% in 2024 in San Francisco’s more residential Taraval police district. Burglaries are also up by 19% in Ingleside and 6.2% in the Richmond neighborhood.”

Crime in the Bay Area has gotten so bad that businesses have begun fleeing it for greener and safer pastures. Not that Schiff particularly cares. He will likely be spending the next few decades in Washington as the replacement for Barbara Feinstein. 

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a better anti-american demorat. The biggest liar next to chinajoe. I so hope and pray he gets beat by garvey.

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