Biden Appears To Have Mental Breakdown On Stage

Since the beginning of the year, the White House has been fighting against the idea that Joe Biden isn’t always there, that the 82-year-old president has bouts of mental lapses that occur among the elderly.  

The president has gone so far to fight the obvious that he even lied in a national press conference. 

This has led to moments where it appears that Joe Biden is not actually in charge of the White House. 

On Wednesday, the president had his most embarrassing mental lapse yet. As described by The Daily Caller, the scene would be funny if it weren’t so sad. 

Biden was giving remarks at the North America’s Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference, which ended up endorsing the president in the 2024 election. While trying to promote another four years of his administration, the president read the stage instruction from the teleprompter before flashing a smile as the crowd broke out in cheers.

“Folks, imagine what we could do next,” Biden said, touting his economic policies throughout his administration.

“Four more years … Pause,” he continued before the crowd began to take the cue and chant.

The video is particularly disturbing when you realize that there is a second where he’s confused that the crowd is yelling at him. 

The official White House transcript of Biden’s remarks did its best to try and mask the mistake. Instead of recording where the president awkwardly says “pause,” the presidential staffers said it was “inaudible” instead. 

The episode marks the second time in a week that Joe Biden has said something truly bizarre. Last week, the president claimed that his uncle had been eaten by cannibals. 

The Department of Defense had to correct the president’s statement, writing that the president’s uncle died in a plane crash during World War II. 

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