McCarthy Continues His Attacks On Gaetz

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy appears to have a long memory and taste for revenge. During a recent interview, the former California representative took on Matt Gaetz, the man who cost him his speakership and who is currently under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. 

Mediate writes that McCarthy clearly has the Florida representative in his sights and won’t quit until he’s been taken out. 

In an interview with Politico’s Olivia Beavers published on Wednesday, McCarthy threw down the latest insult against his nemesis, calling him “the Hunter Biden of the Republican party,” referring to the troubled son of President Joe Biden:

“Gaetz is the Hunter Biden of the Republican Party,” McCarthy said. “He’s got an opponent who is pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, trained at Pensacola, went to the Naval Academy and flew jets to defend us while Gaetz was getting kicked out of high school, buying coke and paying minors for sex.”

McCarthy is referring to Aaron Dimmock, who stepped in at the zero hour to challenge Gaetz in a primary election for his House seat. Upon hearing the announcement of his new opponent, Gaetz referred to Dimmock as a “puppet” of McCarthy.

As for McCarthy’s allegations about Gaetz, the latter has denied ever paying for sex with an underage girl. However, Gaetz also reportedly told his colleagues in Congress that he went on a hunting expedition for McCarthy to kibosh a House Ethics investigation into the allegations. That investigated continued, and in February, a woman “provided a sworn statement to the committee saying she attended a 2017 party Gaetz also attended where illegal drugs were present — as well as a naked underage girl.”

In 2021, the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into Gaetz, probing allegations of sexual misconduct involving him and former New York Representative Tom Reed, who stepped down from Congress in 2022. Concurrently, federal investigators from the Justice Department were examining whether Gaetz and his associate, Joel Greenberg, utilized online platforms to solicit paid sexual encounters with women.

Gaetz has not been charged with any crimeand he has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

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