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Biden Reveals He’s In Huge Personal Debt

looks like Joe Biden is living out his liberal policies on a personal level. Just like the United States, which has seen our national deficit skyrocket, the president and his family are swimming in debt. 

New financial disclosures from the White House have revealed something surprising. The president, despite raking in millions of dollars since leaving the vice presidencycan’t live within his own means. 

The Daily Mail reported that Joe and Jill Biden are carrying almost a million dollars in debt because no one is buying their books. 

In total, the Bidens reported assets between roughly $1 million and $2.6 million and liabilities between roughly $350,000 and $850,000, according to an Office of Government Ethics form that lists ranges rather than precise figures. 

The Bidens’ financial records, along with those of Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff, are required to be made public annually under the Ethics in Government Act, which was introduced to prevent any conflicts of interest.

In his form, President Biden reveals he has had no royalties from his two books: ‘Promises to Keep‘ and ‘Promise Me, Dad’ this year.

Biden’s liabilities include a mortgage on his personal home carrying a balance between $250,001 and $500,000. The interest rate for the mortgage, which Biden incurred from TD Bank in 2013, is 3.375%.

The White House wrote that “The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 requires high-level federal officials to publicly disclose their personal financial interests on OGE Form 278 and the President and Vice President are pleased to do so.

View the President’s financial disclosure report here.

View the Vice President’s financial disclosure report here.

The financial disclosure reports of White House officials are also available here.  Additional reports will be added on a rolling basis.”

The president’s financial situation is curious because in December, it was revealed that he received a huge check from his son’s alleged influence-peddling scheme.

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