Department Of Justice Uses Dubious Reason To Keep Biden Audio Secret

For months, Republicans in the House of Representatives have called on the Department of Justice to release the audio of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s interview with Joe Biden investigating why the president kept boxes of classified information for years after leaving the White House as vice president. The conversation led Hur to determine that the president of the United States should not be charged with a crime because he is a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

The DOJ has so far refused to turn over tapes to Congress, claiming that they don’t need them and that Republicans would “cut up” the audio to make Biden look bad.

Now, after liberal news outlets like CNN have requested them through the Freedom of Information Act, the DOJ has come up with a dubious reason to keep the tapes secret, writes The Washington Examiner.

CNN, the Heritage Foundation, and Judicial Watch, among others, have all been denied Freedom of Information Act requests for the audio and have subsequently filed suit against the Justice Department. In response, it issued a court filing Friday night to explain why it won’t release the audio from Hur’s interview with Biden.

“Disclosure of that record is unwarranted,” the filing reads. “Release of the audio recording would threaten critical law enforcement interests by chilling the potential cooperation of witnesses in current and future sensitive investigations. In addition, disclosure would constitute a significant invasion of privacy. These privacy harms are amplified by the threat of malicious manipulation of audio files that has recently become much more acute.”

According to the department, once the public is aware that the audio is released, it will encourage malicious actors to create distorted audio clips. Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer filed an affidavit to express his concerns about releasing the audio.

“If the audio recording at issue here were released, that would exacerbate the foregoing concerns, because it would demonstrate to future witnesses that recordings of interviews may be released (and thus become highly public) even for investigations that result in no criminal charges,” Weinsheimer wrote.

Deep fake audio technology, which uses artificial intelligence to create convincing imitations of real voices, has raised significant concerns. One major worry is the potential for misuse in creating fraudulent recordings, which can be used to impersonate individuals for malicious purposes, such as scams, identity theft, or spreading misinformation. Additionally, deep fake audio can undermine trust in authentic audio evidence, making it difficult to distinguish between real and fabricated recordings.

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  1. It actually doesn’t matter that Hur isn’t bringing charges. The proof of the corrupt Obiden administration is obvious, as are the pictures of boxes of documents everywhere, when he never had a legal right to them. His excuse he was writing a book, is more than dubious. He started this grift when he was a senator thru as veep. He was never president when they were taken. He stole those documents and now we know why. Follow the money. As long as we are talking documents, President Trump was president, so legal. He worked with the archives and did nothing wrong. He is covered by the Presidential Records Act. I don’t know what was in the boxes that came in pallets, magically. Joseph Biden is one of the most openly corrupt figure I have ever seen. Send him to gitmo for treason.

  2. Of, By and For the People? Not anymore!
    The whole ugly, corrupt bastardization of our amazing Constitutional Republic MUST BE DISMANTLED!

  3. If they had issued charges, and Hur has said he was guilty, this audio would have surely been used as evidence in a trial. Nothing about their made up excuses would have changed. So the fact they’d be willing to use them in a trial shows how bogus their ever changing excuses are.

  4. The release of that audio/video would guarantee Biden does not get re-elected. He is an incompetent idiot being propped up by the totally partisan DOJ. The media is covering up this story to protect the Biden’s.

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