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Joe Biden’s Dog Attacked People While He Watched

It’s long appeared that Joe Biden has little command over his surroundings, but nothing has highlighted the kind of person the president is than the way he handles his dog.

In February, multiple outlets noted that Biden’s dog, Commander, has bitten Secret Service Agents at least 24 times, but it was always assumed that it happened while the president was not there.

Now, however, a new batch of emails from the Secret Service, made public by the group Judicial Watch, has revealed that the president has watched his dog attack people on at least two occasions.

The New York Post reports:

President Biden repeatedly watched his German shepherd Commander attack Secret Service members, who wished each other a “safe shift” as the number of incidents mounted — with one exasperated workplace safety professional urging the use of a muzzle, agency records show.

The number of dog attacks involving Commander, who the White House said in February was given away after more than two years of terrorizing professionals assigned to protect Biden, and former first dog Major, who was rehomed in 2021 after also attacking personnel; could top three dozen, the newly surfaced records suggest.

The latest batch of internal agency records show mounting frustration over the handling of the animals.

On Sept. 25, 2023, following yet another attack involving Commander, a sergeant in the Secret Service’s uniformed division wrote a colleague: “FYIthere was a dog bite and the Officer may need to go to the hospital … Have a safe shift!” It’s unclear if Biden was present for that incident.

Two days later, an official in the agency’s Safety, Health & Environmental Division wrote: “Can we please find a way to get this dog muzzled.”

The only question left is whether Biden is an incompetent dog owner or a cruel one.

Commander’s arrival at the White House followed the Biden’s getting rid of their prior dog, Major, who also behaved aggressively and bit Secret Service and White House staff.

Major has since been “relocated” and is reportedly “cared for by friends of the Biden family.”

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  1. Well I don’t expect to get invited to the White House but if I was I would refuse to enter the room with those untrained animals present unless someone was holding their leash. No one including POTUS should be allowed to continue letting his dog bite people … the dog should be declared dangerous and Animal Control should take possession of the dog.

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