Trump Has Massive Fundraising Quarter

Joe Biden might be holding fundraising events with Hollywood’s elite, but it looks like regular Americans are not particularly impressed. Over this past quarter, spurred by Democrats trying to throw him in jail, former President Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead in campaign funds.

Axios writes that the Biden is falling behind.

Biden’s May fundraising totals were significantly less than the $141 million the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee said they raised in May.

Those monster numbers reflected the support — and anger — of many Trump backers who were outraged by his 34 felonies conviction in his New York hush money trial.

Nearly $53 million came in the 24 hours after the verdicts that saw the presumptive Republican presidential nominee become the first-ever former or sitting U.S. president convicted of a crime.

Separately, Trump’s Super PAC raised nearly $69 million in May, including a $50 million donation from billionaire businessman Timothy Mellon.

The news comes as Biden has struggled in public over the past few weeks, including at a fundraiser where Barack Obama had to hold his hand.

Fox News wrote that “the self-admitted ‘gaffe machine’ is in the midst of controversy this week after video showed him standing on the stage of a ritzy campaign donor event in Los Angeles with former President Obama and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, before Obama guided Biden off the stage as he smiled to the crowd.

As the trio stood onstage smiling toward the crowd, Obama was seen reaching over and taking Biden’s wrist before putting his hand on the current president’s back and walking toward the stage’s exit. The scene sparked a renewed wave of criticism online that Biden is ‘confused’ and ‘senile’ and also jokes that the scene was reminiscent of a senior care home ad.”

Biden raised roughly $30 million from the likes of George Clooney and Julia Roberts, but still fell short.

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