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The Squad Is Scrambling After Major Defeat

One of the leading members of “The Squad” got a dose of reality. While most of Jamaal Bowman’s supporters have become part of the “pro-Hamas Caucus” as liberal antisemitism has increased over the past year, the voting public supports America’s closest ally in the Middle East. They showed it by kicking him out of office.

CNN reported, “New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman lost his Democratic primary to Westchester County Executive George Latimer, marking the first defeat for a member of the House “Squad” of progressive lawmakers.

The result in New York’s 16th Congressional District is also a victory for pro-Israel groups, which backed Latimer with historic levels of spending during the campaign. According to ad tracking firm AdImpact, the race was the most expensive House primary on record.

Bowman, 48, a former middle school principal in the Bronx, was first elected in 2020 after unseating longtime Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel, a pro-Israel hawk, in the primary. That race, much like this one, centered on accusations that the incumbent had lost touch with the diverse, but heavily segregated district, which spans parts of Bronx and Westchester counties.”

Even an unhinged rant by ally Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t help him.

Fresh off victory in New York, pro-Israel groups are eyeing their next targets of The Squad, writes The Washington Examiner, and with blood in the water, they’re growing confident in their ability to take out more leftists in Congress.

Next up is the Aug. 6 primary that pits Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) against challenger St. Louis County prosecutor Wesley Bell. AIPAC has unveiled a plan to spend up to $100 million to unseat Bush and her fellow Israel critics. However, the groups aren’t being specific about their future plans with the fear of tipping off their opponents.

According to campaign finance records, AIPAC’s affiliate didn’t start spending heavily in Bowman’s congressional race until about a month and a half before the primary. Overall, the group has spent $1.9 million in support of Bell and $213,000 against Bush, according to independent expenditures. Most recently, it invested on May 29 in support of Bell, one payment of nearly $17,200 for media production and another payment of nearly $390,200 for media placement. Those payments likely were reflected in the data tracked by AdImpact, which noted approximately $320,000 in ad reservations for cable, radio, satellite, and other formats from the expenditure arm in late May. So far, DMFI has not spent any money in this race, according to the records.

Bell has far outpaced Bush in fundraising. But a quarterly fundraising report will be due in mid July with new figures. Bell’s campaign ended April with $1.1 million cash on hand to Bush’s $528,000. Bell has received more than $360,000 in individual contributions earmarked as having been directed to his campaign through AIPAC.

Nearly two weeks later, on Aug. 13, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) will face off against former Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels in a Democratic primary. Samuels only lost to Omar by two points in the primary in 2022. So far, Omar is significantly outraising Samuels, and pro-Israel groups have not participated in the race. But Samuels’s campaign manager told the New York Times that $4 million would be enough to defeat Omar.

The Minnesota congresswoman, who has said she holds her allegiance to Somalia over the United States, is currently in a tough primary.

Don Samuels, a former Minneapolis councilman, has positioned himself as the centrist choice for Omar’s district, contrasting himself with the antisemitic leader of The Squad, who barely won the 2022 primary.

Samuels’s chances in the race grew significantly last week when he won the endorsement of a powerful union, The United Steelworkers and the International Union of Operating Engineers.

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  1. The squad are anti-american and anti-israel. They must be defeated to bring common sense back to their districts.

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