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Another Georgia Judge Removed For Corruption

Fani Willis is not the only Democrat elected to the court in Georgia to face corruption charges. While Fulton County DA was allegedly misusing her office for personal gain and deploying RICO charges in a likely improper way, a judge in suburban Atlanta was making her look like an angel.

The New York Post reported that the Supreme Court of Georgia has ruled against Douglas County Probate Judge Christina Peterson, a corrupt Democrat judge, who has since been removed from office.

The high court agreed and found that Peterson showed a “flagrant disregard for the law, court rules, and judicial conduct rules” — as well as a “pattern of violations” of judicial rules.

In one of the “extremely concerning” violations, Peterson held a woman who appealed to the judge to correct an error on her marriage certificate in criminal contempt. She then sentenced her to the maximum jail time of 20 days plus a fine “without explanation or justification,” the panel found.

She was also accused of letting unauthorized people enter the county courthouse after hours without proper screening and using deputies to work overtime on her behalf with taxpayer money, the court said.

Peterson’s inappropriate behavior extended outside the courthouse as well. She was accused of engaging in “hostile exchanges” with neighbors at her homeowners association meeting, while suing the association.

The judge, writes The Associated Press, “was sworn in as probate judge in December 2020, after winning a contested Democratic primary that year and running unopposed in the November general election. She lost the Democratic primary last month in her bid for reelection. Peterson has been plagued by ethics charges for much of her tenure and, last week, was arrested after she was accused of pushing a police officer during an early-morning scuffle at an Atlanta nightclub.

In excerpts of body camera video released by police, Peterson can be heard yelling obscenities as she tells someone to let a woman go before quickly being handcuffed. Video then shows her in the back of a police car continuing to shout obscenities and refusing to give her name.”

Trump recently filed an opening brief in court asking that Willis be disqualified because of her unethical actions in pursuing charges against the former president, according to Fox News.

“The brief persuasively argues that the trial court should have dismissed the case and disqualified DA Willis for her forensic misconduct and the appearance of impropriety between her and former Special Assistant DA Wade, who was her lover and taxpayer-funded financial benefactor,” Steve Sadow, lead attorney for Trump, said in a statement.

“We are optimistic that the Court will favorably decide the appeal in our favor.”

“Should a prosecutor be disqualified for intentionally and repeatedly violating ethical and professional canons to prejudice defendants for personal or political gain? Yes,” the brief contends. 

“Is disqualification necessary when a prosecutor testifies falsely, conceals misconduct, and creates ‘an odor of mendacity’ that results in a ‘significant appearance of impropriety?’ Undoubtedly so. If this prosecutor deflects attention from her misconduct by claiming on national television that the defendants are dishonest racists for bringing the truthful accusations to light, could anyone have confidence in the impartiality of the prosecutor’s actions? Absolutely not,” it concludes.

In August, Trump and 18 co-defendants were indicted following a years-long criminal investigation led by Willis and state prosecutors in Georgia. The investigation focused on Trump’s alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in the state.

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