Chinese Migrants at the RGV Sector
via U.S. Border Patrol

Shocking Number of Chinese Immigrants Encountered at Southern Border

Since October of 2021, agents along the southern border have apprehended an unprecedented number of Chinese immigrants, and experts have suspicions about their origins.

During that time, Border Patrol agents have taken nearly 13,000 Chinese immigrants, which represents an over 1,000 percent increase compared to the year before, according to a CBP source that spoke with Breitbart.

Most of the immigrants are single adults, and the vast majority are released into the country to pursue asylum claims.

The agency is reportedly mystified by the increase as there is very little information about the migrants’ purpose for entering the country.

The language barrier is proving to be especially challenging as officials struggle to understand why so many immigrants have made the long journey.

“Having to use third-party translation services, Border Patrol agents and intelligence officers who are already struggling to cope with thousands of migrant apprehensions daily, are getting limited intelligence information from the migrants,” the source told Breitbart.

What little can be understood from the immigrants suggests they claim they’re fleeing the negative economic effects of China’s strict COVID-19 policies.

Dr. Kenneth Allard, a retired Army Colonel and former intelligence officer, told Breitbart that he suspects the Chinese Communist Party is exploiting the Biden administration’s weakness on immigration.

“Totalitarian governments like China are great exploiters of opportunity,” Dr. Allard explained. “They recognize weakness and capitalize on it immediately. What we are seeing reflects a deliberate policy choice by the regime.”

He said it’s “obvious” Joe Biden is “not entirely in control at present” and “China realizes that as well.”

The influx also comes amid an increase in Chinese espionage acts, such as the spy balloon incident in which the Pentagon tracked and shot down an aircraft equipped with observation equipment that reportedly gathered sensitive military intelligence as it drifted across the country.

China maintains that the balloon was a “civilian” airship that entered US territory unintentionally.


  1. 2 points – 1) if they are crossing illegally they are NOT ‘immigrants’. Someone that breaks into your house for whatever reason is not a ‘guest’. 2) how many are military age males? Or pregnant females (anchor baby carriers).
    NOT trying to be racist or mean spirited but there is a system in place for them to enter legally.

  2. The CCP, unlike the U.S., has complete control over who enters and exits their country. So you can bet that the Chinese coming here are either spies, criminals, or infected with some kind of transmissible disease as an experiment in a new contagion. It’s disgusting that Biden is allowing the complete destruction of our country through his completely open border policies.

  3. He said it’s “obvious” Joe Biden is “not entirely in control at present” and “China realizes that as well.”

    More likely is that President Biden has been bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists and is doing their bidding.

  4. They are all CCP agents that will create mayhem and diversions when activated by Chine. Boot them out. NOW!

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