Canada’s Trudeau Stranded in India

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the delegation from Canada were stranded in India for at least one more night after the G20 summit.

The prime minister’s office said the plane he used to get to India was experiencing technical difficulties.

“Upon our departure for the airport, we were made aware by the Canadian Armed Forces that CFC001 was experiencing technical issues,” the prime minister’s officer said in a statement. “These issues are not fixable overnight, our delegation will be staying in India until alternate arrangements are made.”

Canada’s CTV said this “isn’t the first time” the Airbus has had issues. It’s not clear how long the mechanical problems will take to resolve.

Trudeau arrived in India on Friday where member states of the G20 gathered for a summit in New Delhi.

During the trip, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India is concerned over “anti-India activities of extremist elements” in Canada, which has the highest population of Sikhs outside of Punjab.

He was referring to a group of Sikh nationalists in Ottawa who seek a separate Sikh homeland in India, which has been a sticking point in Canada-India relations lately.

In June, Sikh activists in the Canadian city of Brampton participated in a local parade with a float depicting the 1984 assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her bodyguards.

“They are promoting secessionism and inciting violence against Indian diplomats, damaging diplomatic premises and threatening the Indian community in Canada and their places of worship,” a statement from India said at the time.

Modi’s comments come after Canada announced it was including India in its public inquiry to determine whether the country, along with Russia and China, interfered in Canada’s federal elections in 2019 and 2021.

“Foreign interference in Canadian democratic institutions is unacceptable,” Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc said. “China is not the only foreign actor that seeks to undermine democratic institutions in Canada or other Western democracies. This challenge is not unique to Canada.”


  1. Falsedough has turned Canada into a fascist hellhole (much like SloJoe/Obummer). Locking up political opponents, taking children from the protesting truckers, talking seniors and the disabled into assisted suicide, etc.

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