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John Fetterman Tells Off Anti-Israel Activists

When John Fetterman was elected in 2022, despite having a stroke during the campaign, progressives cheered. The Nation called him a “rare swing state politician with genuine progressive credentials—he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, a backer of legalized marijuana, and embraced clemency for reformed prisoners—he repeatedly drew Republican ire during and after his successful campaign. With his frumpy hoodies and baggy shorts, he defied the Senate dress code, enraging a Fox News demographic always hungry to cut down the left. His folk hero status only grew.”

The war between Israel and Hamas has thrown into sharp relief another side of Fetterman, one mostly ignored on the campaign trail: his hawkish foreign policy views. Though he rose to fame as the heavily tattooed mayor of the hardscrabble town of Braddock, he was also a graduate of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. His heterodoxy on the domestic front never extended beyond America’s borders.

Fetterman has been unequivocal: He doesn’t want a cease-fire until Hamas is ‘neutralized.’ And the many Pennsylvania progressives who supported him last year are outraged.”

As he has recovered from his stroke, the Pennsylvania senator has become more conservative and has been more open to mocking the left for their ridiculousness. 

The New York Post writes

Anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside the Braddock, Pa. home of Sen. John Fetterman — who responded to the din by going on his roof and waving an Israeli flag at them.

The progressive-hating Democrat, silently waved the blue and white flag Friday night as protesters waved Palestinian flags and screeched “Fetterman, Fetterman, you can’t hide. You’re supporting genocide.”

The first-term senator, once a darling of progressives, has incurred wrath from the left over his staunch support of Israel to defend itself from Hamas terrorists in the aftermath of Oct. 7. He’s responded by publicly trolling them.

The Pennsylvania senator has also broken with his party on immigration, opposing the de facto open border policies of the Biden administration. The senator, reported The Daily Mail, claimed “that the border crisis is threatening to destroy the American dream as another 300,000 people approached the southern border in hopes of crossing into the U.S.

Fetterman voiced his concerns about the ongoing migration crisis and demanded a ‘secure border’ as he spoke to CNN’s The Lead anchor Jake Tapper on Friday.

The Democratic senator, 54, from Pennsylvania said, ‘I honestly don’t understand why it’s controversial to say we need a secure border.'”

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