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Democrats Oppose Deporting Undocumented Drunk Drivers

Earlier in the week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that seems obvious. The Protect Our Communities from DUIs Act would make those in the country illegally who have been charged with a DUI automatically eligible for deportation and permanently inadmissible.

Conflicts between state and federal law have allowed a DUI conviction to not be considered in whether a non-citizen or illegal migrant is allowed to remain in the United States, according to The Daily Caller.

Fox News writes

Just last month, an undocumented migrant from El Salvador who had been deported four times was accused of killing a mother and son in a car crash that police said involved alcohol.

Republicans have long pushed for stricter immigration and border security measures, but the issues have taken on a particular urgency this year as polls show likely 2024 voters being increasingly concerned about the state of both.

President Biden has recently ramped up his rhetoric on the border as well, recently pledging to “shut” the U.S.-Mexico border if granted the ability in legislation that Senate and White House negotiators are currently working toward.

The bill is hardly draconian. It encourages officers to look into an individual’s past offenses and any “evidence of rehabilitation” when considering whether to deport them, The Daily Caller noted. It also asks officials to “focus on targeting illegal migrants deemed to be a public safety threat or an endangerment to national security or border security.”

Despite the border becoming a crisis and rising to the top of the list of concerns for the upcoming election, the majority of Democrats in the House stood by undocumented migrants caught drunk driving.

The Protect Our Communities from DUIs passed the House with a 274-150 vote. All 150 no votes came from Democrats.  

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