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Haley Finally Wins A Primary

Nikki Haley has finally won a primary. After taking loss after loss in the early contests, the former UN Ambassador took home a win in the District of Columbia. 

The Daily Caller reported that “Haley carried the Washington, D.C., primary with just under 63% of the vote, according to The Associated Press. The primary comes two days before Super Tuesday contests, with hundreds more delegates at stake, could steepen her already daunting path to the nomination.

Trump carried nominating contests in Missouri, Michigan and Idaho one day before the D.C. primary. Haley captured all 19 delegates at stake in Sunday’s contest, but still lags far behind Trump’s delegate count.”

Haley won nearly 63 percent of the vote from just over 2000 votes cast in the nation’s capital. 

After the win Haley’s campaign spokeswoman tried to spin Haley’s only win coming from Washington, DC, in the best possible light: “It’s not surprising that Republicans closest to Washington dysfunction are rejecting Donald Trump and all his chaos.”

The Trump campaign appeared to point out the obvious, however, dubbing Haley as “Queen of the Swamp.”

“Tonight’s results in Washington D.C. reaffirm the object of President Trump’s campaign — he will drain the swamp and put America first,” Trump press secretary Karoline Leavitt said

“While Nikki has been soundly rejected throughout the rest of America, she was just crowned Queen of the Swamp by the lobbyists and DC insiders that want to protect the failed status quo,” she continued. “The swamp has claimed their queen.”

The GOP primary now moves to Super Tuesday, when the largest chunk of delegates will be at stake. In a preview, The Washington Post wrote, “Donald Trump is poised to continue his march to the GOP presidential nomination on Tuesday, when 15 states will vote to award more than a third of the party’s delegates and test how quickly Republicans are coalescing behind the former president.

Trump has decisively won all but one contest so far and is expected to make a clean sweep of “Super Tuesday,” a normally high-stakes moment in the primary calendar that the former president’s dominance has stripped of its suspense. But despite Trump’s near-incumbent status in the race, a significant, if losing, percentage of voters has opted for another candidate in several contests — underscoring some voters’ reservations and the potential general election challenges ahead. His last standing GOP challenger, Nikki Haley, has pointed to this trend as she has made a case for continuing her campaign.”

Trump’s advisers told The Post that they expect to lock down the nomination by March 19.

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  1. Did anyone think the Swamp Rodents would back someone who vows to end their thrill ride?
    Nimrata Nikki Randhawa is their only other choice for continued wars and corruption.

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