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Biden Appears To ‘Freeze’ During Meeting

After an event on Tuesday, President Joe Biden refused to take questions and seemed to freeze up in front of a crowded room of reporters. 

Biden presided over a gathering with his Competition Council, focusing on his administration’s initiatives to reduce expenses and address perceived “corporate rip-offs.” 

The Washington Examiner detailed the strange scene. 

“I better not start the questions; I’ll get in trouble,” Biden said before lowering the microphone.

He then froze for several seconds as reporters shouted questions, hoping the president would change his mind and answer their question.

The freeze up from the president comes as he is facing questions about his age and mental acuity heading into a fierce election matchup against former President Donald Trump in November.

During events and remarks in recent years, the 81-year-old Biden has frozen up or made errors — such as confusing the presidents of Egypt and Mexico when discussing the war in Gaza. Last month, special counsel Robert Hur’s report declining to prosecute Biden over his alleged mishandling of classified documents provided a damming assessment of the president’s mental state and detailed his alleged “poor memory.”

To further drive home the president’s potential senility, the White House has, for some reason, been focused on discussing the Cookie Monster on its social media and in Biden’s speeches. 

The Daily Mail reported that “President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he was ‘stunned’ to find out that the Cookie Monster has been a victim of ‘shrinkflation’ and slammed chip companies for charging the same price for bags when you get ‘a helluva lot fewer’.

The 81-year-old president sided with the Sesame Street character in his fury at businesses, especially snack companies, giving Americans less for what they spend.

His remarks were a response to the blue furry muppet posting on his X: ‘Me hate shrinkflation! Me cookies are getting smaller’.

‘I’ll tell you who did notice: the Cookie Monster. He pointed out his cookies are getting smaller, but paying the same price. I was stunned when I found out that happened,’ the president said.”

“Shrinkflation” is a term made up by the White House to describe businesses making the sizes of their products smaller while selling them at the same prices due to inflation. The president has argued that this move has been driven by “corporate greed” rather than inflation related to the trillions in spending from “Bidenomics.”

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  1. Hypocrite! He caused 90% of the problem! Who is he to blame the disaster he caused on companies trying to stay in business?

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