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Robert Hur To Defend His Stance On Biden’s Memory

Robert Hur, the former prosecutor chosen by Merrick Garland to investigate Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified information, will be testifying before the House of Representatives on Tuesday. Democrats have been furious that Hur did not recommend charging the president with a crime due to the president’s age and memory problems and the former special counsel intends to defend himself in public. 

The New York Times reports that the transcripts from the interview confirmed Hur’s assertion about the president. .”The transcript shows that Mr. Hur did not specifically ask when Beau Biden had died. Instead, Mr. Hur pressed Mr. Biden about where he kept papers related to work he did after leaving the vice presidency in January 2017, like teaching at a think tank in Washington, a cancer “moonshot” project and the book he wrote about Beau’s death.

At that point, Mr. Biden, who sometimes stutters, began to stammer and garble matters. He said ‘when I got out of the Senate’ when he meant to refer to leaving the vice presidency, and he seemingly conflated events in 2015, when Beau died and Mr. Biden chose not to run against Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, with events in 2017, when he wrote the memoir and decided to run for president in the 2020 cycle.”

To make matters worse for Biden, Hur has resigned from his position at the Department of Justice. The Independent explains the move. By testifying as a private citizen, Hur will be able to speak the truth without needing approval from Biden’s Department of Justice. 

According to multiple sources familiar with Mr Hur’s plans, the special counsel, who is appearing before the Judiciary Committee at the request of the Republican majority led by Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, has arranged his departure from the Department of Justice to be official as of Monday 11 March, one day before he is scheduled to appear on Capitol Hill.

Instead of appearing as a DOJ employee who is bound by the ethical guidelines which govern the behaviour of federal prosecutors, he will appear as a private citizen with no constraints on his testimony.

A Judiciary Committee source said Mr Hur’s departure from government service the day before he testifies is a major red flag for Democrats on the panel.

“That makes it even more problematic from our perspective … if he was still a federal employee, DOJ would have to approve his testimony and they’d be involved in his appearance tomorrow,” they said.

Hur has come under fire from Democrats for casting Biden as too old and senile to be charged with a crime

Raw Story writes that “Hur did not recommend charges against the president, but claimed, among other things, that Biden was suffered from severe memory problems while being questioned, and while he did not find sufficient evidence that the president intentionally retained classified information, suggested that if he tried to make the case, Biden would be able to convince a jury that he is an “elderly man with a poor memory” incapable of doing such a thing.

The White House has strongly disputed Hur’s characterization of the interview, calling the attacks on Biden’s memory “gratuitous” and a mischaracterization of the interview.”

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