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Palestinians Complain That Free American Food Tastes Bad

Earlier in the month, as polls have shown that Biden is struggling for reelection due to the Democratic base’s hatred of Israel, the president announced that the United States would be airdropping food into Gaza to prevent “starvation.” 

The move was not without its critics, however. Many argued that Hamas would merely use the humanitarian assistance to further strengthen its control over Gaza. 

One criticism that was not expected, though, came from Palestinians themselves. They don’t like the taste of the free meals they’re getting. 

Town Hall reported

The Palestinians are starving and are facing unreal living conditions, thanks to Hamas. The terror group invaded Israel in a genocidal terror attack from the Gaza Strip that killed 1,200 Israelis on October 7, 2023. The destruction of Gaza is the fault of Hamas and Hamas alone. Israel shouldn’t stop until the entire strip has been cleared of Hamas elements. If more bombs fall, then so be it. These so-called civilians are also not innocent, having supported Hamas for years. When polled, over 60 percent of Palestinians supported Hamas, while 75 percent endorsed their terror attack against Israelis. We’re dealing with a total terrorist society.

As the IDF turns the Gaza Strip into a barrier reef, the Biden administration, caving to left-wing pressure, has vowed to deliver mountains of food aid to supposedly starving Palestinians. We’re building a floating pier to ensure maximum efficiency regarding the distribution of supplies. American troops are on the ground in Gaza to assist in this effort to re-supply terrorist elements in the Gaza Strip. 

And how have Palestinians responded to this humanitarian assistance? With contempt and disappointment. They don’t like the food. What were they expecting? Gourmet meals?   

The video did not reveal whether or not the Palestinian “influencer” would be leaving a Yelp review or not: 

During his State of the Union, Biden announced that he would be deploying the American military to Gaza to help construct a port to bring more supplies to Gaza. The Department of Defense has said that they do not anticipate Hamas firing on American troops, though they haven’t given a specific reason why.

The Washington Post noted that “the White House is adamant that the Pentagon’s work around the war’s edges will not evolve into a combat role. But there’s no denying the danger for personnel aboard American planes and warships in a theater as volatile as the Middle East.

In Iraq and Syria, the Gaza conflict rekindled a long-simmering campaign by Iranian proxy groups to inflict damage on U.S. forces. The groups have launched more than 170 attacks on those forces since Oct. 7. On Jan. 28, a drone assault killed three U.S. service members at Tower 22, a small support base in Jordan.”

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  1. “WHAT DO THEY EXPECT, A GOURMET PLATE? It’s as bad as all of the illegals coming in caravans, they didn’t like getting fed beans and tortillas, they wanted steaks and these people expect steaks also?!!!! Let’s not forget that it’s better than “nothing”. I would prefer we send them nothing and have them scrounge around for something to eat or starve if their ego is soooooo great!

  2. Reminds me of the illegal aliens in NYC, throwing their food away in their luxury hotel rooms. All paid for by us. The word I am looking for? ah! ungrateful.

  3. Give them Fast Food: McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendys, Sonic, Carls Jr,
    Baja Fresh then

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