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Stephen A. Smith Slams Democratic ‘Lawfare’

Stephen A. Smith is known for his bombastic comments when it comes to sports.

Now, he’s angered Democrats by keeping score in politics. The ESPN star recently pointed out that Donald Trump is winning despite everything liberals have thrown at him. 

The Daily Caller writes

Smith, who admitted that he doesn’t “often” give Trump credit, said that the former president clinched the 2024 Republican presidential nomination despite Biden and the Democrats “using the legal system” to advance their “political agenda.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, there’s so much to get into,” Smith said. “I’m not going to do it. I’m going to simply say this: Trump is kicking the Democrats… you know what. Ninety-one charges, four indictments, 91 counts against him. He’s been impeached twice. And he still ran away with the GOP nomination. It was a cakewalk.”

“You can’t touch him. And now he’s thrown in this salvo. He said, ‘Yo, why don’t you come beat me? Stop engaging in lawfare and using the legal system to push your political agenda. Come beat me.’ That’s what he did,” Smith continued. “I do sports most of the time. That’s the kind of language we want to hear, ain’t it?”

“You know what his ultimate argument is? The GOP nomination. Because if he is all of these things, why should he be allowed to be the GOP nominee? He’s going to use that and say, ‘I must be innocent. It’s them. It’s not me.’ And at least 74 million people, based on the numbers stemming from the 2020 election, are going to side with him. What about the 81 plus million that once sided with Biden? You sure they don’t show up to help him beat Trump with the way things are in the streets of America right now?” Smith asked. “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Smith has often been touted as a future political figure. When asked about potentially running for office in 2022, the sports talker said that he has “no desire to ever be a politician, [to] ever run, but I would tell you I’ve lost so much respect from the nonsense that I see taking place on Capitol Hill” that he’d consider it if he thought he could make a difference. 

“If I thought that I could win, yeah,” Smith said. “I would have told you, ’Hell no. No way in hell’ years ago. I was a father out of wedlock. Obviously, when you think about the standards that were once held in the White House, I’m pretty damn good but I’m not perfect. And those imperfections obviously would be highlighted when … American citizens are relying on you to institute and implement policy that would affect their lives. So I would have told you once upon a time hell no. 

“But when I see some of the things that has transpired, I can honestly tell you that even though that answer would still be no … if enough people came to me and said to me, ’Stephen A., you have a legitimate shot to win the presidency of the United States of America,’ I would strongly, strongly consider running.”

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