Catholics Outraged At Biden ‘Crossing’ Himself To Celebrate Abortion

Pro-life supporters have long made an audacious claim that abortion is a religious sacrament to the political left, not something that they truly believe should be “legal, safe, and rare.” 

Earlier in the week, Joe Biden, a “devout Catholic,” confirmed his critics to be true. In a sick gesture, the president made the sign of the cross when talking about ending the lives of children in the womb. 

The Washington Examiner writes:

On Tuesday in Florida, where he blasted the state’s impending six-week 

abortion ban, Biden blessed himself with the sign of the cross when the woman introducing him referenced Florida’s shorter window for abortion.

Catholic Vote President Brian Burch followed up with this statement:

“Biden’s decision to make the Sign of the Cross in support of abortion extremism is a despicable charade that attempts to co-opt a sacred practice in support of his new abortion religion. His gesture openly mocks the Christian belief in the sanctity of life. There is no divine support for destroying the lives of innocent children, and he should know better. Biden’s gesture suggests he is either terribly naive, or senile, or callously indifferent to the foundational beliefs of millions of Christians in America,” he said.

At the event, Biden attacked former President Donald Trump, who stood with the anti-abortion movement and backed up his promises to limit abortion by appointing anti-abortion judges to the Supreme Court and lower federal courts.

Abortion has become the main obsession of the Democratic Party, and Catholics have been the main target. Last year, it was revealed that the FBI under Biden had begun spying on Catholics who prefer Latin Mass, labeling the rosary an “extremist symbol.”

Earlier in the year, the Catholic Church reiterated that it strongly opposes abortion, calling it, along with surrogacy, war, and poverty, attacks on human dignity.

“Every human person possesses an infinite dignity, inalienably grounded in his or her very being, which prevails in and beyond every circumstance, state or situation the person may ever encounter.”

Another Catholic bishop, from Saginaw, Michigan, recently apologized for calling Joe Biden “stupid” and saying he “is not living the life Jesus wants for him” during a presentation after a celebration of daily Mass.

“I don’t have any anger toward the president. I feel sorry for him. I’m not angry at him, he’s just stupid,”  Bishop Robert Gruss said before apologizing later.

In 2021, some Catholic bishops pushed to prohibit pro-choice politicians from being allowed to receive the Eucharist. CNN wrote that “Biden, while visiting Italy last month, said Pope Francis told him he was happy he was a “good Catholic” and said he should continue receiving Communion.

Biden, who is a lifelong devout Catholic, was denied Communion in 2019 at a Catholic church in South Carolina over his support for abortion rights.”

That may soon be getting a second look.

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  1. Devout isn’t the word for that ass. He has no business going to church and showing what a hypocrite he is
    The pope is a communist and should go away.

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