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Report: College Protests All Organized By Liberal Group

For nearly twenty years, the National Students for Justice in Palestine (NSJP) has been active across the United States, boasting over 300 chapters. Many of these chapters have played a key role in organizing college encampments and building occupations over the past few months, according to a new report.

NSJP has been urging students for months to take a firm stand against colleges until they rid themselves of investments linked to entities doing business with Israel. Their social media platforms have become a hub of support for protesting students, featuring videos showcasing activities at encampments both locally and globally. As far back as October, merelt weeks after Hamas murdered and raped over a thousand Israelis, the NSJP was already promoting a “day of resistance” with planned demonstrations at various colleges.

The Wall Street Journal reported that our eyes were not lying to us: the protests across college campuses were orchestrated and preplanned.

At Columbia University, in the weeks and months before police took down encampments at the New York City campus and removed demonstrators occupying an academic building, student organizers began consulting with groups such as the National Students for Justice in Palestine, veterans of campus protests and former Black Panthers. 

They researched past protests over Columbia’s expansion into Harlem, went to a community meeting on gentrification and development and studied parallels with the fight over land between Palestinians and Israelis. They attended a “teach-in” put on by several former Black Panthers, who told them about the importance of handling internal disputes within their movement.

“We took notes from our elders, engaged in dialogue with them and analyzed how the university responded to previous protests,” said Sueda Polat, a graduate student and organizer in the pro-Palestinian encampment. 

Though there isn’t a centralized command overseeing the student movement opposing Israel’s invasion of Gaza, there are connections between longstanding far-left groups and the protesters. 

Much of the leftwing protests, including the annoying ones about climate change, have been funded by liberal “charities,” including Hillary Clinton’s Onward Together

New Conservative Post reported that Clinton has funded radical environmental activists from the Climate Emergency Fund, which has backed several demonstrations, including an attack on a Vincent Van Gough painting hanging in the National Gallery.  

The outlet noted that over the past few decades, prominent non-profit organizations like the Ford Foundation have been “captured” by the left and are now used as apparatchiks for leftwing causes under the guise of charity. 

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  1. How ridiculous these protests are: what has a Jew ever done to any of them? Let’s compare the number of Noble Awards between Jews and Muslims. What a joke! What has Islam produced other than terrorists and hatred?

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