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Kamala Harris Unprepared For Gaza Questions In Michigan

Between the pro-Hamas protests being funded all over the United States on college campuses to Biden blocking ammunition to our longest-standing ally as it fights terrorism, nearly everyone in the White House has its focus on the White House. 

Well, almost everyone. Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Michigan on Monday to talk up the economy and it revealed that the Number Two Democrat doesn’t think about foreign policy at all.  

The Independent noted that “shortly before Harris boarded Air Force Two from Joint Base Andrews, Biden spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to explain his opposition to Israel’s invasion of Rafah. This development came as Hamas announced it would accept a ceasefire from Egypt and Qatar — even as Israel ordered 100,000 people out of Rafah in seeming preparation for the invasion the US has tried to prevent.”

With Michigan being a swing state with the largest Arab-American population in the US that has been livid with Biden’s support for Israel, you’d expect Harris to be ready to face questions about the conflict. 

Instead, the famously unprepared vice president only described what she had for lunch. 

The New York Post described the strange scene:

“Madam Vice President, Hamas says it accepted—,” a reporter began as Harris exited Joe Louis Southern Kitchen in Detroit, Mich.

“Shrimp and grits,” Harris, 59, interjected with a grin as she pointed to her bag. “You wanted to know.”

“Hamas says it accepted a cease-fire deal. Your reaction?” the reporter continued.

“What are your thoughts on Hamas accepting a cease-fire deal?” another reporter asked.

The Biden Administration routinely pegs Kamala Harris with carrying out tasks the president doesn’t care about, but the American people do. She was first put in charge of immigration policy at the start of the term, now she’s leading the White House effort to talk up “Bidenomics.” 

Fox News reported that “the Biden administration is taking its economic message to the road, tasking Vice President Kamala Harris with an economic opportunity tour. It kicked off last week in Georgia with an event in Michigan next in line as the issue remains the most important to voters heading into the November election. 

‘The Biden campaign has to be very nervous about turnout problems among potential Democratic voters in Michigan and Georgia,’ said Ken Kollman, director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Political Studies.

Both states were flipped from red to blue in 2020 when Biden defeated former President Trump. 

‘It’s likely that every sliver of turnout will matter in these states,'” Kollman added. 

Michigan, where the Pro-Hamas Caucus of the Democratic Party is particularly strong, has been particularly problematic for the Biden Administration. In February, Democratic House member Rashida Tlaib organized a movement to vote “uncommitted” in the Michigan Democratic primary to show Biden that he shouldn’t take their votes for granted. The movement ended up receiving tens of thousands of votes. 

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