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State Department Slammed For Condolences To Iran

The Biden White House is again facing criticism for showing favoritism to Iran and the Mullahs after the administration sent condolences following the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. He died following a helicopter crash.

The Biden administration has shown strange favoritism for Iran over the past few years, including allowing one of their alleged spies to remain at the Pentagon and delivering billions of dollars to the regime, despite their attacks against Americans.

Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the Biden State Department, faced tough questioning from a skeptical group of reporters during his daily press briefing. Hoping to deflect direct blame for the president’s continued coddling of Iran, the State Department slapped Miller’s name on the condolences, not Biden or Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. 

In his response, he noted that the US had made similar statements after the deaths of other leaders with bloody records, such as Josef Stalin. He also insisted that the statement “in no way — in no way at all undermines” the State Department’s criticism of the Iranian government on issues of human rights and US opposition to Iranian support for various militant groups across the Middle East, reported The Independent.

Reporters pressed Miller over whether the statement was aimed at softening ties between the US and Iran at a crucial moment for the region, or whether it was in any way related to backchannel communications reported to be occurring between US and Iranian diplomats in Oman. Miller would not confirm the existence of those talks, and denied that the statement was part of any broader political aim.

“There isn’t one person you can think of whom the United States did not want to see [killed] in an air accident?” The AP’s Matt Lee quipped back in response. “Ever? Really? None?”

“There were people on board who had families,” Miller responded. “We thought it was an appropriate step to take.”

Ebrahim Raisi, who had been the President of Iran since 2021, was called the “Butcher of Tehran” due to his involvement in the mass executions of political prisoners in 1988. Raisi was a deputy prosecutor in Tehran at the time, and he was part of a so-called “death commission” that was responsible for ordering the executions of thousands of political prisoners, many of whom were affiliated with opposition groups such as the People’s Mujahedin of Iran. These prisoners were subjected to summary trials and executions without due process.

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  1. Hmm – didn’t all of his victims have families as well – just saying.

    We should NOT celebrate his demise but we can also observe that part of the world is likely now a better and safer place, well at least until his successor shows up, could be worse after all.

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