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Ohio Republican Governor Trying To Save Biden

Joe Biden may not be on the ballot in Ohio this November and it will only be his own fault. 

Ohio law states that nominees need to be officially nominated by their parties by August 7, but the Democratic National Convention, where Biden is to be formally nominated, falls after the deadline. The convention will be held between August 19 and 22 in Chicago.

Now, reports NBC News, one Republican is doing his best to help save Biden from his own party’s incompetence. 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Thursday called a special session for the state’s Legislature to get President Joe Biden on the ballot this November, saying his patience has “run out” with his fellow Republicans who appear less than inclined to offer a legislative fix for a timing problem with the Democratic convention.

“The Legislature had [a] session yesterday and again failed to take any actionThis is simply unacceptable,” DeWine said in remarks to the press. “Ohio is running out of time to get Joe Biden, the sitting president of the United States, on the ballot this fall. Failing to do so is simply not acceptable. This is a ridiculous — this is an absurd situation.”

“The purpose of this session will be for the General Assembly to pass legislation ensuring that both major presidential candidates will be on the Ohio ballot in November, as well as legislation that would prohibit campaign spending by foreign nationals,” DeWine said.

At issue is the price that Republicans are asking for to make the change, according to The New York Times.  

“Frank LaRose, the Republican secretary of state, had previously said that he planned to exclude Mr. Biden from the ballot because he would be officially nominated after a deadline for certifying presidential nominees on the ballot. This is usually a minor procedural issue, and states have almost always offered quick solutions to ensure that major presidential candidates are not excluded.

But a legislative fix that would have moved the deadline stalled out after colliding with a partisan clash over foreign donations. Republicans in the Ohio Senate advanced a bill that would resolve the issue but attached a partisan measure that would ban foreign money in state ballot initiatives. The measure went nowhere, and the General Assembly adjourned on Wednesday without a solution in place.”

It’s a real Sophie’s Choice for Ohio Democrats, lose foreign donations or lose Biden?

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