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Denver Sending Migrants To Utah As ‘Sanctuary City’ Falls

In April, the city of Denver, which has long patted itself on the back for being a “sanctuary city,” announced that it was in crisis.

USA Today wrote, “After more than 40,000 migrants arrived Denver in less than a year, city officials are struggling to help the new arrivals and serve their taxpaying residents amid skyrocketing rents and a housing shortage. A self-described sanctuary city, Denver has found shelter for the migrants, helped their kids get into schools, provided emergency food assistance and taught them how to fill out paperwork.”

Now, it turns out that the city’s “compassion” has run out and they’re trying to send migrants to red states instead. The Daily Caller reported that it turns out that the Mile High City isn’t as much of a “sanctuary” as it claims to be.

Without the approval or advance knowledge of local officials, Denver has been paying for migrants to relocate to other places, including Utah, where approximately 2,000 have been sent, 2KUTV News reported Thursday. Cox said Friday the practice is “unacceptable” and a result of the Biden administration’s immigration policies.

Denver has been overwhelmed by migrants in recent months and has been forced to make budget cuts due to the costs of accommodating the new arrivals.

“We recently learned that the Democrat mayor of Denver has been sending illegal immigrants to Utah without proper notification or approval,” Republican Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox wrote Friday on X. “This is completely unacceptable and follows on the failed catch-and-release policy of the Biden administration.”

“All 50 states, including Utah, are now border states due to the failed immigration policies of President Biden and Congress,” Cox continued. “Once again we call on the Biden administration and Congress to solve this crisis.”

The mayor of Denver wants to blame Texas because he has no one else to blame but himself and Joe Biden. In 2017, Denver’s mayor, Michael Hancock, signed a bill “codifying the city’s resistance to work with federal immigration enforcement, along with legal defense and coordinated assistance, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president.

At the time, the mayor said his intent was to let Denver’s refugee and immigrant communities know: ‘We’ve got your backs.'”

Last year, Denver’s mayor joined New York City and Chicago in begging the White House for more help.

They were pleas that fell on deaf ears. After all, illegal aliens are the “Americans that Democrats care about the most.”

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