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Democrat Faked Racism Hoax To Try And Win Election

A former Biden appointee and current Democratic candidate for a county commissioner seat in Texas has come under fire after an investigation revealed that he has created fake social media accounts to post phony racist comments about himself.

Appointed by President Biden to serve as a liaison for the White House, Taral Patel has been running for county commissioner in Fort Bend County, just outside of Houston, allegedly cooked up the hoax as a way to smear the Republican incumbent.

Now, the thirty-year-old liberal is in hot water, writes a local Texas news station.

Patel was arrested last week for the third-degree felony of online impersonation and the misdemeanor of misrepresenting his identity, court records show. He posted $22,500 in total for two bonds – one on each of the charges – and he surrendered his passport.

Patel made a Facebook post in September 2023 about the insults he allegedly ginned up against himself along with a photo of the racist comments.

“[W]hen my Republican opponents supporters’ decide to hurl #racist, #anti-immigrant, #Hinduphobic, or otherwise disgusting insults at my family, faith community, colleagues, and me – that crosses a line,” he wrote. He also accused former President Donald Trump and “today’s extremist Republican party” of inciting such rhetoric.

Incumbent Republican commissioner Andy Meyers, Patel’s opponent, was responsible for initiating the investigation of the comments, documents from the Fort Bend County District Clerk’s office show, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Incidences of young liberals perpetrating crime hoaxes or pretending to be a different race to discuss racism have increasingly grown over the past few years.

Patel posted bail last week, but has not publicly commented on his legal situation. His next court appearance is scheduled for July 22.

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