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Immigration Data Reveals New Level of Failure

The Biden administration says its new immigration policies are discouraging border crossings, but the numbers tell a different story.

The administration has significantly changed up its immigration policies since the end of Title 42, which allowed for the rapid expulsion of immigrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the leadup to Title 42 expiring, border crossings soared to an astonishing high of over 10,000 per day.

After a brief lull in crossings, the numbers have begun to rise again, creeping up to around 6,000 per day.

Yet the number of those sent back is not rising with it.

An NBC News investigation reveals that the Department of Homeland Security is now expelling far fewer immigrants per day than it was previously.

As a proportion of total border crossers, the Biden administration sent back just 14% of illegal immigrants in July versus a daily average of 32% in April.

Multiple Reasons for Slowdown

One of the main reasons DHS is sending less immigrants back is increased use of the CBP One app.

The mobile app allows immigrants to apply for asylum hearings before they even reach the border, and they are then allowed to remain in the US as they pursue their claims – even though most of them will ultimately be rejected.

CPB data shows that in July alone, almost 45,000 immigrants were processed through the CBP One app.

Standard processing time for immigrants has also increased, leading many to be released into the country while the Biden administration sorts out their asylum eligibility.

Under Title 42, expulsions could be decided on in minutes or hours as they did not need to be transferred through the system or see asylum officers before their fate was determined.

As a result of the increased immigrants within the country, governors from multiple Republican states have sent National Guard troops to the southern border.


  1. Been bad since Joe took office day 1 follow the numbers from Jan 2021 to date on immigration from Mexico

  2. I feel that instead of vacationing all over the world, Biden should pay more attention to his shortcomings such as immigration and our southern border

  3. It’s as out of control as he is…..

    He is intentionally destroying our country….how could he get approval ratings of 40% ?????

  4. No matter what the Biden stooges claim, their numbers are most likely half what the actual numbers are of illegals coming into this country. They seem to only count the ones they actually catch, not the ones that came across in places that there was no one to see or catch them. Most citizens in this country are not as stupid as the Biden administration thinks we are. The actual number of illegals in this country probably exceed 50 million, and that’s probably low.

  5. This lying,senile,frail,delusional.narcistic,old puppet,fool, and his talking heads, are totally lying to the American people. So many people are coming in, from around the world,they don’t even check,just let them in.Double or triple the total, they tell us about,that have gotten in, unaccounted for. Were talking millions and we can’t let this happen or america is done with.Hidenbiden and his misfits, are breaking our laws,they need to be arrested for total incompetence, and tyrrany.

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