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Trump Makes His GOP Chairman Pick

Donald Trump is currently holding private talks regarding the endorsement of his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, for the position of co-chair of the Republican National Committee.

 Lara has often served as an on-air surrogate for the Trump family. In 2022 campaign she was briefly discussed as a potential North Carolina Senate candidate.

The New York Times reported that the former president has also made his decision as to who should get the top spot at the RNC. 

Mr. Trump has already told those close to him that his preferred choice to replace the current R.N.C. chair, Ronna McDaniel, is Michael Whatley, the committee’s general counsel. But he is now also discussing Ms. Trump, who is married to his son Eric, as his pick for co-chair, the people familiar with the matter said. The party rules designate one male and one female co-chair.

Ms. Trump has worked closely with the committee for several years, and she is seen as a prolific fund-raiser. She also would be trusted by the Trump family, which has put an imprimatur on almost every aspect of the former president’s political life and which closely watches how resources are allocated.

However, two people described the situation as fluid, given the various moving parts.

Officials with the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee did not respond to requests for comment. Ms. Trump did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

Politico noted that “the endorsement does not mean that either Whatley or Lara Trump will automatically be given those posts. The committee must hold a vote among its members should McDaniel step down, as she is expected to shortly after the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24. But that will likely be a formality, as the party members are almost certain to support the preferences of the candidate set to the presidential nominee.

As part of his effort to restructure the RNC, Trump will also tap Chris LaCivita to serve as RNC chief operating officer, according to the GOP operative, who was granted anonymity to speak freely. LaCivita will also maintain his role as co-campaign manager of the Trump campaign. The staff changes will be effective once a new chair takes office.”

Whatley has been a major supporter of Trump’s push to clam that he lost in 2020 due to election fraud. The outlet noted that he “has argued that elections are prone to fraud. He has also defended Trump over his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol siege, stressing that it was the rioters — not the then president — who were to blame.”

LaCivita will split his time between Trump headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida and the RNC offices in Washington

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